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Leah's pov-
"Now boarding flight two hundred and twelve to New York." We were all waiting at our gate, I grabbed my backpack and we got in line for the lady to scan our tickets. Once she scanned them, we all boarded the plane, my seat was right next to my dad and Luke. My dad being in the middle of us. Once I got seated, I pulled out my phone and plugged in my earbuds. I saw Chris texted me have a safe flight and I smiled.

My dad said "Do you need water?" He handed me a water bottle and I said "Thank you." I took a sip and Luke handed me a circle white thing. "Mint?" "Thank you again." I took it and drank some water and it immediately dissolved. "Huh what kind of mint was that?" "That was a sleeping pill." "Son of a biscuit." "Hey you need the sleep, we all heard from Calum about you being up at three am."

"Snitch." I looked across the aisle to see Calum and Michael laughing. "Frick y'all." I looked out the window and my dad said "Baby don't fight it, just sleep." He rubbed my shoulder and I leaned into him and before I knew it I was fast asleep like a little baby.

Ashton's pov-
"Damn I have never seen her talking to a boy till three am." "Dude it could just be here going threw teenage things." "I know but I didn't think it would happen so soon." "We all didn't." Replied Michael, I looked at her and said to myself "If only Carrie was here to see her growing up."

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