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Leah's pov-
"You see here is my issue Calum, I could go to prom with David, but he would need a guest pass." He sighed and said "Can't you go explain your problem to the nurses." "They said that you should talk to Calum about it." He sighed "How old is David even?" "Old enough." He gave me the look of that isn't the answer I want. "He's just older than me okay." "How old?" "Just he is older. I'll go talk to Luke about this."

I got up and he said "Leah come back." I ran out his office and he chased me, I ran into my dad's office and Calum followed me into it. There stood my dad, my uncle Luke and uncle Michael. "What's going on with you too?" "Oh nothing." Me and Calum laughed "Leah is explaining boy issues to me." "Great just what Leah needs is boy issues. By the way tomorrow you have a Doctor appointment and Luke wasn't to do a session with you."

"Ew I'll pass." "Well you don't get to pass Leah." "But why can't I get one free pass, like a get out of jail for free card in monopoly. Except its your dad and your uncles don't need to give you a check up." "Sorry we care about your health." Replied my Uncle Luke, I sighed and sat on my dad's couch. "Fine I'll do it but no promises I'll be smiling the whole frickin time." "Well we knew you wouldn't be smiling the whole frickin time."

I laughed and said "Well can I go out tonight with Megan's brother? Just is grabbing dinner and seeing a movie." "Sure." "Great he is right outside the hospital." "Okay tell him thank you for taking you out so us guys can have a guys night out." I laughed and said "You mean all of you doing paperwork and watching The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, while drinking Chardonnay." "Just go." "Love you!"

I left and headed outside to Megan's brothers car. He saw me and said "Leah!" "David!" We hugged each other and he said "Let's go." "Okay!" We headed to a mountain, and he said "I have a cabin up here, we can have dinner and watch the sunset." "Okay." We went to the cabin and when I walked inside there were rose petals on the floor and a nice blanket with candles and champagne. He said "One more surprise."

He grabbed a sign that said Will you go to prom with me? "Yes! A million times yes!" I ran into his arms and he twirled me around, "Your such a cutie."

We both finished dinner and we watched the sunset, we were driving back to my house when suddenly I felt our car get reared ended, my face hit the dashboard and then it went black.

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