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Leah's pov-
We were currently at dinner and they had us all separated by tables of career. I was stuck at the table with all the pediatric doctors. All discussing different types of patients and stuff. I leaned into my dad and said "I'm going to the bathroom." He nodded and I got up and started to walk to the ladies room. Suddenly before I entered, I tripped and ran into the door. "Fuck, fuck." I whispered and I tried to get up but it hurt.

Suddenly Luke came out from the boys bathroom. "Leah you good?" "Yeah, just living." "You tripped didn't you and now you can't get up." "No I can get up." "Okay show me." I tried to and he said "Yeah me and you are going back to the hotel." "No let me try again." I tried again and he rolled his eyes, "Yeah I'm taking you back."

He picked me up bridle style immediately and carried me out of the restaurant. Once we got into a cab, he texted the boys what happened and my dad said he would be back at the hotel soon and to start icing my ankle.

"Dude Luke it doesn't even hurt that much." "Leah your ankle is swollen and you couldn't get up on your own." I sighed and once we got to the hotel, he carried me up to our room. Once we got there he set me down on my bed and he got some ice from the ice machine and he put it in a plastic bag.

He set it on my ankle and I sighed because before I knew it the guys all came in. My dad said "What happened?" "I tripped." "Didn't we tell you no wedges." Replied Michael and I said "I'm not in the mood for judgement right now. I'll take the judgment later Clifford."

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