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Leah's pov-
"Leah get up its opening day for our hospital!" "Okay." I rolled to my other side and groaned. I picked up my phone saw all the snapchats I had, I opened and sent out my streaks. "Leah are you up!" Yelled Luke and I said "Yea!" "We'll get ready!" "Okay Luke." He left and I sighed, I plugged my phone into my speaker and started to play Almost by Bowling For Soup. I went into my closet and after a few groans and a tear or two, about not having anything to wear.

I decided on a black halter neck top and a maroon skirt and a white cardigan. I did my hair and did my makeup. Once that was done I grabbed my maroon hat and I put it on. I tied on my white low top converse and I walked downstairs with my phone. All the boys were in suits and I said "Aww look at you guys." I hugged my dad, and he said "You look beautiful too." "When do I not look good father." He laughed and said "Go eat."

I grabbed the Cheerios and I ate my Cheerios and soon Michael came down and said "C'mon let's go!" I put my bowl into the sink and we headed to the hospital. The grand opening was at twelve o'clock but they wanted us their at nine o'clock so the boys can do interviews and photos. I was missing school today, so I can go to this.

Once we arrived, we all walked inside and Calum said "The others should be here soon." "So what are y'all in charge of? Because Luke and Calum have dental degrees. It's low key sad I know that." They laughed and Calum said "Well your dad is the chief of medicine so he sees everything, Michael is a cardiologist, Luke is actually now a therapist because he minored in that, and I'm a neurologist." I nodded and I said "Well congrats guys!"

They all smiled and replied with "Thanks." Soon my Uncle Alex walked in with his wife Lisa. "Alex!" I hugged him and his wife Lisa. He said "Little Leah, you have grown up." "Thanks I tru too." "Boys, they want us for interviews." "Gotcha." They responded and we all walked out to the main area to do interviews.

I never write these but holy crap already 1.04k reads thank you guys! I hope you are still loving the story and I'm trying to update as much as possible!

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