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Leah's pov-
I woke up when we landed on my own, I saw my dad saying "You ready to go to the hotel room." "Guess so." I grabbed my backpack and we walked out of the plane. When we got to baggage claim they grabbed our bags and we walked towards the taxi line. We got ourselves a cab and my dad told the guy our hotel. Once we arrived and got all checked in, we went up to our floor which was the eighth.

"Okay room situations, me, Ashton and Leah. Calum and Michael here is your keys. We have that connection door so we can unlock that. We all nodded and once we unlocked our hotel room, there was two beds, a desk, and a tv. Along with the bathroom and mini fridge. I said "Aw this is nice." I dropped my backpack down and immediately laid on a bed. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and started to reply to everything.

I saw Luke laying in the bed right next to mine he said "Hey Leah how is your juul addiction going." "Oh shut up." I threw a pillow at him and he said "Don't worry I haven't told your dad." "Well I assumed so because I haven't had a lecture yet." I redid my bra strap and Luke said "Are you about to pull out another one?" "Oh my lord can't I girl fix her bra strap." Suddenly my dad came in with a bucket of ice and spoke.

"Hey honey, we are going out with the other people at this convention for dinner tonight. So you can stay here or come with us?" "I'll stay in the hotel room." Luke laughed and said "You really thought oh had a choice." "I mean I know, y'all were gonna drag me anyways to it. So I just decided to pray I did have a choice." They laughed and I said "I'll get ready." "Sounds like a plan Stan." "Oh Jesus Luke."

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