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Leah's pov-
"Leah we are leaving in fifteen!" "Can't y'all wait ten more minutes!" "No! Now hurry the frick up!" I rolled my eyes and finished putting my hair into a high ponytail, I put on my glasses and my watch. I tied my high top white converse and I walked downstairs with my earbuds and iPhone. There was Calum and Michael were with scrubs on and I said "See y'all could have waited ten minutes." Calum sighed and said "C'mon let's go in the car."

He started to push me toward the garage, "What car dudes?" "The white Porsche." "Why haven't we got a Tesla yet?" "Because of you." Replied Michael, "Ouch that hurt." We headed off to the building and I said "You know Dutch Bros sounds really good right now. Like we can skip the appointment and get coffee and spill some tea." They sighed and Michael said "No you are going Leah." I sighed and said "It was worth a shot."

Calum laughed and said "So what's your plan for after this." "I don't know. I can't drive anywhere." We pulled into the parking lot and there stood Luke Hemmings in his scrubs. I said "Jesus Christ I need an escort now." I got out of the car and Luke said "How's my favorite niece?"

"We thriving I guess." "So Ashton got called into an emergency with a little boy, so guess I will go first." "Yay." He said "Damn you don't need to be sarcastic, I'm the one that has a drill." I rolled my eyes and he said "I'm just kidding." We entered the building and saw the board full of floors and doctors names, I said "Since when do Alex open his own practice?" "Last month he is an optometrist." "I know that dummy."

We went into the elevator and he clicked the second floor button. He said "So after my appointment and Ashton's, he was talking about having you see Alex and maybe Calum for appointments." "Hey I was promised only doctor and dentist, not oral surgeon and eye appointment too!" "Okay chill out little Irwin."

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