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Leah's pov-
It was currently nine o'clock, I am now on my dad's couch in his office laying down. "I wanna go home." Was all I kept thinking about soon the door opened and the voice said "Little Irwin looks exhausted." I recognized it was Michael, "Are you taking me home because I'm tired and hungry." "Well soon, once Calum is done with his surgery, Luke finish's his last paperwork, and your dad is done with his post operation patient."

I sat up and Michael sat right next to me, I leaned into him and said "How'd your day go?" "It went well, I didn't realize how much more work a hospital is." I laughed and before I knew it Luke walked in and said "I'm done for the night." I smiled and said "Can the others hurry? I have school tomorrow ya know." "Yeah we know." He saw my chemistry textbook and said "You thinking about doing pharmaceutical in college?"

"Hell no! I am force to take that hell class." They laughed and I said "I actually have bigger plans for college." "Like what?" "I'm going to bartend." "Oh Jesus, Leah you and alcohol don't mix." Replied Michael and I said "I actually have no idea what I wanna do." "Well you don't have to decide right now." "I know, I know but my counselor is like you should at least have an idea." "Well what is speaking to you?" "Nothing that's the issue."

They laughed and said "The medical field isn't interesting to you." "Hell no, I think I wanna do teaching." "I mean that is a good career." "I don't know though, why is my life running out of time." They laughed and suddenly my dad came in and said "You are seventeen you still have your twenties and your thirties." "Okay I know dad but I don't know what to do career wise." "Do whatever you want to I will support it."

"Okay, so when I'm eighteen you will let me become a stripper." "Maybe not that." We all laughed and I said "Okay so no poles." "Yeah no poles, especially not on the Vegas strip for you." Calum came in right then and said "We going to Vegas?" "No Leah was asking if she can become a stripper." "Did someone decline her?" "Yes!" They all replied and I laughed, "Can we get home now?" "Yes!" We all laughed while leaving.

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