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Leah's pov-
Luke opened his main office door, and his receptionist Jenna and David said "Hey Leah." "Hey guys." He opened the door to the back exam rooms and he said "Exam room four." "Okay." We walked to that one and he said "Sit in the chair." "I know the drill dude." I went into the chair and he started to type on his computer. "So Leah all three wisdom teeth still." "I mean you do live with me and my oral surgeon is right in this building."

He laughed and said "Yeah we may schedule Calum to come look at those." "Okay." I sighed and opened up my phone to Snapchat, I sent a few photos of me in the chair and Luke said "You still have that nicotine addiction." "Wait how'd you know that!" "I'm messing with you, Leah wait do you have one?" "No I don't." He looked at me and said "You so smoke a juul don't you."

"I never said that." He rolled his chair towards me and said "Hand it over." I reached into my bra and pulled out the juul. He said "Ashton will lecture you more." "I know he will." I sighed and he took it, he put it on the counter and said "My question is why Leah? Like we lecture to teenagers enough about how you shouldn't juul and you do it anyways." "I know I'm sorry."

"How long have you been doing it?" "I got it back in April so a month." "Okay good thing it hasn't been to long but what's the point of it." "I don't know." Luke sighed and I said "I'm sorry." "I'll make you a deal, I won't tell Ashton if you promise to stop, but here's the catch if I catch you again. I won't hesitate to tell Ashton and make him deal with it." "Deal." We shook hands and he smiled, "Okay now let's clean those teeth." He went back to his desk thing, to get the tools.

The last person who needs to learn about this is my father. My mom died from lung cancer, so he gets very upset about this.

Luke came back and he put his tools on that little stand, he said "So brushing has been normal." "Yes." "Do you floss?" "I mean you were here the last time bud." He rolled his eyes and said "I thought you would know better since your favorite uncle is a dentist." "C'mon Luke no one even flosses." He chuckled and said "People do." "Yeah only nerds."

He was putting on his gloves and said "Not only nerds also people who don't want there Dentist killing them." I rolled my eyes and he put the bib around me. He said "Any tooth pain?" "Nope." "Okay that's good." He started to lower the chair, once I was laying down he put on the mask and turned on the light. "Okay open up." I opened my mouth and he started to do his usual thing.

The dentist doesn't really scare me, like it used to. A half an hour later he said "Okay you are all good." He put the chair up and said "So obviously I am going to give you a referral to Calum so your wisdom teeth can come out." I nodded and he said "I'll schedule that appointment for today so we can just get it done and than schedule your wisdom teeth appointment too." I sighed and he said "You ready to see your dad."

"Ready as I'll ever be." He took off my bib and said "C'mon Leah." He took my hand to help me out of the chair and we walked out of his office.

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