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Leah's pov-
"So you lied to us." "I didn't necessarily lie." We were walking into the hospital and Luke was "yelling" at me about how irresponsible I am for having a boyfriend. "Did y'all have sex?" "No we didn't." Soon the boys came out and my dad said "Woah what's going on?" "Well I just met Leah's ex-boyfriend. He seems like a douche on a stick if your asking me." "You what!" They all exclaimed. "Let me explain." "Oh you are so explaining Leah."

I sat down in a chair, and said "Okay me and Griffin met at the musical my sophomore year. When I was auditioning for dinner theater he got into my group and got my number. Then we started to talk a lot. We were close and then we put a label on it, saying we should date. We were boyfriend and girlfriend. Don't worry we broke up a month after, because we were apparently having the same conversations."

They all stared at me and said "Why did you lie?" "Because I didn't want y'all to be worried about me. You're patients don't deserve that." My dad's face got soft and he said "Do you really believe that?" "Yes." He came right next to me and grabbed my hand "Leah, I will always put you my own daughter before any patient." "I know but I feel bad." "Honey I love every patient like my own child but you are my own blood, I have to actually pay child support for you."

I let out a small laugh and wiped the tear from my eye. "Thanks dad." I hugged him and he said "Just don't think your still not in trouble." "Wasn't counting on it." We all did a group hug and my dad said "No more hanging out with friends for a week." "Okay." "I still love you though." "I love you too."

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