Chapter 13

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"Adam you know I was kidding." I said. He jumped back to me with a huge grin on his face. "I know. So was I." He let me know.

* * * * * *

I sighed as we ate in silence."Hey I'm going to go downstairs to see if my mom and dad are here so we don't have to stay in my room all day. I said breaking the silence. He nodded and I walked down the soft carpet and into the living room and kitchen.

Nobody was in there. Not in the bathrooms, their room or their offices. So we were safe. I walked up the stairs to tell Adam they were gone but he wasn't in there. "Adam?" I called out.

No answer. I walked to the balcony to see if he went to his bedroom. I couldn't see him. All of a sudden someone came up from behind whispering, "Yes?" I squealed and started to fall but Adam caught me.

"Are you alright?" he asked. "You scared me." I said trying to catch my breath. He chuckled. "I guess I did." he said. Adam laughed again. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Lily, you are extremly funny and you don't even try." He told me.

"Ok, I'll give you that one." I said. "So your parents are at work." He stated. "Yes, let's go downstairs and watch a movie. I'm dead bored." I said walking toward the door. He laid on my bed.

I turned to look at him. "Well aren't you coming with me?" I asked him. He got up to link his arms around my wait. "I got a better idea." he whispered in my ear. "And what is that?" I asked also whispering.

"Guess." he said but before I could "Guess" his lips were on mine. I don't stop him nor did I want to. My arms were around his neck and I pulled him closer to me. What did this have anything to do wih whatever he was trying to get me to guess about?

I'm so dumb. Wink-wink. His hands got to the front of my body and were trying to make there way up my shirt and then I was finally understanding what he was trying to do. My lips froze and my hands were pushing his away.

"Adam." I warned "What?" he asked surprised that I stopped him. "I'm sorry but I can't." I told him. "Why?" he asked. "I don't know. You could say I'm not ready which I'm not. I thought you understood but I guess I was wrong." I told him.

"I'm sorry I thought when you let me get that far you were ready to get a little crazy." He said. "Thats why I apologized." I told him. We were quiet for a few minutes. "So what did you want to do?" Adam asked trying to get on my good side.

"We were going to watch a movie but I think I should just stay here tonight so I can hace a chance to think and you can drive me to school in the morning. " I told him. "Are you sure?" he asked.

He looked a little hurt that I didn't want to stay with him. "Yes I think so. I just need a chance to think things over." I reminded him. "I hope those things are about us." he said. I grinned.

"No baby they're not." He smirked."I love the pet names you give me." He said. Adam's face turned into a sad grimace as if he were trying to make me feel guitly and go and stay with him.

I laughed. "I'm sorry but puppy dog faces don't work on me." I let him know. "Oh damn it." he said sarcastically. I heard a car pull up and I checked the window. My dad was home.

"I guess you want me to leave now?" he guessed. I nodded and he hugged me. He was turning to leave when I said, "Oh I see how it is, how you only hugging me. That's an insult. It's like you don't want to kiss me, but thats alright. I don't want to kiss you either." I laughed and went to the door that leads to the hallway.

His hands caught me. "That's what I thought." I mumbled as he leaned into me. Like before I ended it quickly. He groaned. "Bye." I said agaisnt his mouth. "I love you." He responded.

He went out of my balcony door and I said. "I love you too." I walked downstairs and saw Dad starting dinner. He was shocked to see me. "Well, hello Lily. I didn't expect to see you here." he said.

"Hey dad I'm coming home for the night. I just needed to get away from everything and think and relax." He nodded understanding.

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