Chapter 14

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He decided to change the subject. "So when are you leaving?" he asked. "Friday." I told him. I only have five days to stay with Adam. I winced just thinking about it. "When is Mom coming home?" I asked.

"Uh, she should be home in about ten to twenty minutes. That's why I was starting dinner now." he said. "What is that?" I asked looking in the pan. "What do you mean?" he answered with a question looking too.

"What are you trying to make, spagetti?" I asked laughing. I playfully pushed him out of the way saying, "Uh Dad you should let me take over." he laughed. "Yeah maybe I should." he said.

He got out of my way and sat at the tabe. "So what did you guys do today?" Dad asked. "Well mostly sat in my bedroom and talked." I said hoping that he wouldn't get the wrong idea.

He nodded warily so I guess he did take it the wrong way. I am now going to change the subject, I thought to myself. "So how was work?" I asked. "Ok, we didn't have a lot of big clients, but I'm flying to Hawaii this weekend for a business trip." he said.

Wow. "Oh cool. I've always wanted to go there." I answered honestly. "That's why I'm disapointed that you are leaving Friday. I was going to take you and Mom with me." he admitted.

Oh! That was so sweet, so he was going to make it up to me, I thought to myself. It didn't take too much longer for Mom to come hoe. She was surprised to see me in the kitchen with Dad.

"So how long have you been here?" She asked helping with our dinner. "Since you left." I said. She patted my head as we sat down. As for our food we were lucky I had taken it over orit would all have been ruined.

I showered again. After I got dressed and blow dried my hair I went into my bedroom. I don't know how he did this but there was a piece of paper taped to my balcony door which read, "Good night honey, I love you. Adam. (Incase you didn't know).

I untaped it and put it in my note box. Oh no I forgot to see if he used to like Tammy, and that she liked him. I got out my cell phone to text him.

Hey -Lily

Couldn't get enough of me could you? -Adam

Oh you are so right. Hey guess who wanted me to talk to you for her? -Lily

Who? -Adam

Tammy... Did you ever like her? -Lily

Oh I liked her for a brief period of time last year but thats it. -Adam

Ok thats it bye love you! -Lily

Bye, love you, too -Adam

I had trouble going to sleep that night knowing Adam did infant like Tammy. It tore at my insides, but I did fall alseep. My mom looked me up in the morning and I got ready faster than usual.

I walked over to Adam's and knocked on the front door. "Come in!" he yelled. I walked in the house and he was in the kitchen finishing morning dishes. Wow, he helps out around the house, thats good, I told myself.

"You ready?" he asked. I smiled. "When you are." I answered. I followed him to his car and got in the passenger side. "So what did you do last night?" he asked. "Nothing except talk to you." I answered not really telling the truth.

He gave me a confused glance. "You're not mad or anything are you?" he asked. "About?" I asked now also confused. "Last night." He urged on. I shook my head. "Why would I be about that?" I asked.

"I don't know she's your best friend so I thought it might upset you because I liked her before." he explained.

"Uh that doesn't bother me." I said. I think he could tell a little that I was lying but oh well.

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