Chapter 7

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ch. 7

We carefully climbed back into my room. "I'll be right back." I said running down the stairs. "What are you so yippy-skippy about?" Dad asked grinning. "Oh nothing. I just got accepted to the University of the Arts in Californina." I said.

"Well good for you hun and I'm very sorry about um last night." he said looking at the floor. I'm sure that's how I looked last night. "It's alright Dad." I said. He smiled at me. "Well, ok that's everything. I got a plane to get on. See you guys Sunday." he said hugging mom then me.

He grabbed his bag and left the house. "Mom Adam's here, upstairs." I said still looking at the door. "Well being him down." she replied. "Adam come down." I yelled at the end of the stairs.

I heard my door open and close. Adam came down the stairs very slowly. "It's alright he's not here." I said. "Hey Mrs. Montgomery." Adam said. "Hi Adam." She answered.

* * * * * * Later on my mom said, "Well I'm done for the day, guys you have to be in bed by 11:00." I laughed. "We will be." I assured her. She went upstairs and he pulledme into his lap. "So what do you want to do?" I asked.

He laughed. "If we had it my way we would be upstairs in your bed doing what we were forbidden to do." he said seriously. I laughed. "You want to do that with me?" I asked surprised, a little.

"Yes, I love you." he answered. I laughed again and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Ok time for bed." he said said a minute later. "It's not even ten thirty." I whined. "Oh, I know but we still need to take showers." Adam said with a grin on his face.

I jumped off his lap. "I get it first." I said. "Not uh whoever gets there first." he said getting up. As I ran up the stairs I managed to take off my shirt and jeans. I ran into the bathroom.

"Ha ha I win." I said taking off the rest of my clothes. I got in the shower and turned on the water. I jumped as the cold water hit me but it warmed up fast. I didn't take long but it was because of course Adam was in the other room.

I quickly put on my pajamas and walked back to my room. He smiled as he got up. "I will hurry." he said going into my bathroom. I plopped down on my bed breathing deeply. He was right he didn't take that long.

He was out after just ten or so minutes. When he walked into my room I was just like "Wow." He was wearing one of those tight muscle tee-shirts with regular boxers. "What do you not like it?" he asked.

I laughed. "No you look... sexy." I said. "Sure." he answered sarcastically. "Adam you look very sexy." I let him know. He laughed, and layed next to me. "It's cold." he whined pulling me under the covers.

"Come closer." I told him. He chuckled. "I don't think thats possible, but I'll try." he said hugging me closer. I wrapped my arms aroundhis neck and kissed him. He stuck his tounge in my mouth and hovered over me.

I knotted my fingers into his hair pulling it lightly. He moaned and pulled away. "I don't think that I can follow your mothers rules." he said kissing my neck. I laughed. "Well I guess you're gonna have to. " I let him know.

I started laughing again. He groaned and rolled over to his side. "Are you mad at me?" I asked. "No why would I be mad at you?" he answered with a question. "Well I just thought that if you thought that I wouldn't have sex with you, you would be mad." I admitted.

He held me tighter and said, "No I wouldn't be mad about that." I smiled. "Oh, ok." Then I placed my head on his chest as I did before and we fell alseep.

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