Chapter 26

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Then I groaned involuntairly. He pulled away. "What's wrong?" he asked immeadity concerned. "My downstairs hurts." I told him. He smiled at me with questions all over his handsome face.

"Why do you ca your vagina your downstairs?" he asked trying not to laugh. I winced. "Eww! I hate that word." I complained. Then he did laugh. "You're so immature." he told me.

As if I didn't know that. I narrowed my eyes and that just made him laugh a whole lot more. He was laughing so hard. "Why does this amuse you so much?" I asked.

I guess the look on my face was hilarious because Adam kept on laughing. He was such a retard. Then he was laughing so hard that he started crying. He was doubled over laughing.

I laughed too. We just sat there laughing at this stupid thing and then I grimaced. I could fee blood come out of me. "Eww!" I said. "What?" he asked. He looked down and bood wa sleaking out of my diaper thing. He ran out to get a nurse.

A few days later.

Adam was wheeling me out of the hospital. Both of our moms had a baby in a car seat in their hands. I was so relieved to be going home. They told me I coudn't be up walking around too much because I had to get stitches down there.

Adam woudn't let me walk at a. When they asked me to get in the wheel chair he picked me up and placed me there. I thought that he was being very over protective.

Everyone else thought it was cute and funny.l didn't. Well maybe just a little. When we got to the car Adam was once again trying to pick me up. "Adam it's ok." I let him know.

He gave me a look that made butterfies fill up in my belly. I reached out for him and he smiled picking me up and placing me in the car. He shut the door and carefully and he got both of the twins in without a problem.

I was shocked. He drove us home and I tried to get out of the car and again he ran aroud and threw me over his shoulder carrying me inside. He sat me down on the ocuch and went outside and came back in a few minutes ater with two carseats in his hands.

He sat them down in front of me and said. "I have to go shut the doors to the car and house." he went outside. Right now we were living back and forth at our houses until we got an apartment.

Yes we are stil getting married. He came back and we started getting them out of their carseats. He had Jayda and I had Seth. They were both awake and were quiet.

Funny they both slept through the night unless we had to wake them up to feed them. I felt so bad whenever we did. They looked so peaceful when they slept. Then Jayda llooked at Adam and smiled.

Well it's just gas. "Look Lily, Jay is smiling at me." he said. "Oh honey it's just gas." I said. He frowned. "I actually don't think it is watch." he said. I watched as he covered his face.

Jayda looked like she was going to cry. Then he uncovered his face. She smiled real big. I looked down at Seth and he was smiling too.But he was looking at me.

"Hey it looks like we have a mama's boy and a daddy's girl already." I said. He smiled. "I guess. But we'll love them the same." he told me. "Duh." I said back. I leaned in and kissed him.

"So when do you want to get married?" he asked. I honestly didn't know. "When do you want to get married?" I asked him raising an eyebrow. He grinned. "I asked you first." he told me.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't know." I said We waked to the nursery. Adam put sleeping Jayda in her crib. I put Seth in his. He wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"Let's wait two years." he said. I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed him. "Yeah let's wait two years." And we did.

2 years later. Wedding day.

I was in my dressing room getting my hair done. I had graduated high school about 2 weeks ago. I am still going to go to college to the Music thing. RIght now I'm working at Golden Corral waitressing and singing.

Adam is in his sceond year of colege. He's going to be a doctor and right now he's working as a doctor's assistant. Jayda and Seth are two years old noq. Jayda is going to be the flower girl and Seth is going to be the ring barrior.

"Lily are you sure about this? You're just becoming an adult. It's ok to wait a little longer." My mother said. She is really agaisnt me getting married right out of high school.

"It's fine Mom. I'm not going to change me mind not now, not ever." I told her.

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