Chapter 16

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Now my heart started to race. She chuckled. "That maybe but I still can't trust you with other girls sorry." she said. There was a huge pain in my chest. No she didn't trust me. "I don't blame you I made the choice and now I have to suffer the consequences. Don't worry about it." I told her.

I then yawned. She did at the same time. We laughed together. "You're tired. I will let you go to sleep. Good night." She said. "Good night. I love you." I said and then she hung up. She didn't even tell me that she loved me.

I placed my cell phone on the side table. She didn't trust me. That hurt. I turned my light back off and fell asleep.

* * * * * * "Adam honey wake up." My mom said shaking me. "What time is it?" I asked rubbing my eyes. "It's 7:30 hun, time to get ready for school even though you're going to be late" She let me know.

I sat up and nodded. Damn, the weekend was already over. Where did it all go? She left the room and I tugged off my shirt. I replaced it with a clena one and finished getting ready.

Mom was right. I was going to be late. When I got downstairs it was 8:10. The bell would have already rang by now. I left the house and hurried to my car. I got to school and had to get a yellow slip from the office. (BTW a yellow slip is a tardy slip)

I got to my class and gave my yellow slip to Mr. Benjamin. I couldn't sit in my regular seat because someone was already there. So I had no choice but to sit by Tammy. She smiled and whispered hello.

I smiled and thought about what Lily would say if she heard about this. When Mr.Benjamin stopped talking I turned to Tammy. "Hi." I said. She lifted her head and seemed surprised that I was talking to her.

"Hey." She said. "So Lily's gone." I said trying to make conversation. "Yeah I'll miss her, but she's coming back right?" She asked. Did Tammy really not know? Did Lily tell her about us?

I wasn't supposed to know anything. "I don't know. I think she is. We were texting about it and some other things the other night." I lied smoothly. She seemed to believe me because her face lit up when I mentioned "Other things."

"Oh." She said. If Lily was going to flirt with other guys. I'm going to flirt with other girls. "Your eyes have a pretty light tint to them. I have never noticed it before." I said. She looked into my eyes blushing.

It was surprisingly kind of cute. I gave her my famous girl and winked. "Thanks." SHe said. She looked down right when my eyes released her. We were quiet until the bell rang shaking me out of my day dreams.

"Hey Tammy do you wanna sit with me at lunch today?" I asked. She smiled. "Sure." she said walking away. I got my stuff heading to my next class.

Then next thing I knew it was time for lunch. I met Tammy by the door and got next to her in line. "Hi, how are you?" She asked smiling. "Perfect." I let her know grinning. We sat down and ate, talked about school, Lily and other things until the bell rang for the last hour.

I couldn't pay attention at all. I just wanted to go home and talk to Lily. Finally the bell rang and I hurried to my car to call her. "Hello?" The beautiful voice answered. "Hey it's me. How was your first day?" I asked.

"Horrible, I was lucky Austen was here last year so he could show me around. He is a nice guy." She said. Uh-oh. A nice guy? "Lily are you cheating on me?" I asked surprised I let myself say that.

"What?! Why would I cheat on you?" She asked. "Uh, because you are telling me how nice another guy is." I told her. "He's my friend. Gosh dang. Just because you have cheated on your other girlfriends does not mean I will cheat on you." She yelled hanging up the phone.

(Lily's point of view)

Oh my gosh I am so mad. I thought. Why would Adam accuse me of cheating. Maybe because he knew the signs and thought I would do that to him.

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