Chapter 27 (End)

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"Jay you look so pretty too." She wrapped her arms around my legs. My mom took a picture of us. I picked Jayda up and she took another one of us. Mom got in and took one of all three of us together.

"Oh, new default pic." My mom said looking at it. She has a new obsession and it's Facebook. Then minutes later my Dad walks in. "It's time honey." he said. My heart started to race.

Oh my god. I nodded. I carried Jayda to the church entrance I sat her down and Seth was running up to us. "Seth." I said. He grinned up at me with his five teeth and just 2 in the front.

We have fun at night brushing them. I smiled back. "Are you ready yet?" my dad asked me. I nodded. The music started playing and my two best friends started their walk as the bridesmaids.

Then Jayda went as the flower girl. Then it was my turn. I took a deep breath and I let my dad drag me down the aisle. My eyes never left Adam's. Then Seth started to follow me but went back.

I was smiling so big I thought my face was going to fall off. We got to the alterand my dad kissed my cheek. He placed my hand into Adam's and he pulled me up to him.

I looked around. Both sides were filled with people. Mostly kids from school. It's like the whole senior class from both of our years were there. I saw the Freshman guy who would pass mine and Adam's love notes back and forth.

His name was Peter. Well now he was going to be a senior. He caught my gaze and started grinning and winked at me. I grinned back. I looked at Adam and the priest.

"Do you Adam Michae take Lily Marie to be you lawfly wedded wide to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, rich or poor till death do you part?" the priest recited.

Adam looked into my eyes and said. "I do." I smiled. The priest turned to me. "Do you Lily Marie take Adam Michael to be your lawfly wedded husband to have and to hold, in sickness and in health. Rich or porr tiill death do you part?"

Tears were in my eyes. "I do." I said. "And now with the vows and the rings" I laughed as Seth scampered down the aise or was it the fact that he was running with a worried look on his face.

He must of been thinking that he was late. Aw. Adam took my ring and I took his. "I promise to love you no matter how crazy you get." Adam said putting my ring on my finger.

The audience laughed. I looked at him putting the ring on his finger. "You're awful, I love you." I told him. He grinned and kissed me, making us married.

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