Chapter 6

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Ch. 6

Then I thought, how am I going to give this to him? The bell ranf for lunchand everyone scrambled out of the room. I saw this freshman sitting right next to where I sit. Must be one of Tammy's new friends, I thought.

So I went and sat in my place. "Hey are you Lily?" he asked randomly. I turned my head and looking in his direction. I nodded. "Yeah." I said. "Adam told me that you had a note for him." He let me know by whispering.

Oh so I guess that answered my question from before. "Yeah, here." I said. He took it and hurried to Adam's table. Adam grabbed a pencil from his pocket and wrote some words down. The freshman brought it back, it said:

Ok, I'm not much of an ice skater.

I laughed.

The rest of the day ran by in a blur. Again I started to walk home and Adam picked me up. Since our parents were still at work we sat in the car. "Why exactly did your dad hit you?" He asked.

"Um, because he told me I wasn't allowed to love you and I told him no." I answered my tears up again. He held out his arms and I climbed into them. He held me and kissed my hair.

About 15 minutes later as he rubbed my back he said, "My dad is going to be back in about ten minutes so I better go." I opened the door and said, "Alright." I steped out and his lips found mine.

He kissed me for what it seemed like hours and then he pulled away. I walked over to my front door. "I love you Lily." He called from his. "I love you more." I answered walking inside.

I chilled out on my couch until my mother got home. She sat down on the couch next to me turning off the T.V. "Lily, I need to talk to you. Adam's mother and I were talking today and we think you and Adam should still see eachother. Your fathers are wrong. Like tomorrow he can go with you and if you guys don't fool around you can go to his house to stay the night and he can here since we wake you guys up." She explained to me.

This was too good to be true. I smiled and hugged my mother. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." I said. She smiled at me. "You got this in the mail." She let me know handing me an envelope.

Ripping it open, I quickly read the exciting news. "Oh my gosh! I got in!" I yelled jumping up and down. Uh-oh. "What about Adam?" I asked myself out loud. "I'm sure he'll understand. Why don't you get yourself cleaned up, your dad will be freaking out all night if he sees that." She said pointing to my face.

Well maybe he shouldn't have done it, I told myself. "Ok." I answered her. I went to my bathroom thats attached to my room and covered up the bruise with make up. I walked out on my balcony and I saw Adam in his room.

He saw me and grinned. I grinned back and waved. He opened his window. "Hello stranger." he said to me. I now know how our moms expected us to get to and from each others house.

I quickly climbed the balcony and into the tree which then he helped me into the window. "Did your mom talk to you?" I asked wrapping my arms around his neck since his were around my waist.

"Lily, she sure did. Do you want to stay here?" he asked. "Let's stay at my house. My dad's leaving for New York City tonight."I said. 'Ok, I'll go tell my mom. Be right back." he said pecking my lips.

He half ran down the stairs and was back in 30 seconds. I laughed. Adam grabbed some clothes from his dresser and put them in a bag.

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