Chapter 10

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Ch. 10

"I got your purple silk tank top and shorts with underwear. I hope thats alright." He said. I nodded going to the pile. I saw the underwear. My blood red thong Tammy got me as a prank.

Heat rose up in my cheeks. I snorted. He turned to me. I picked up the underwear. "You would." Was all I said. He smirked. "Aren't you goingto leave?" I hinted. "Not until your done baby." he said.

He is such a pervert. "Well then close your eyes." I told him. "What?" He asked stunned. "You heard me." I protested. He laughed. "Fine but your being a baby about this." he let me know.

He turned around. I hurried, taking off my clothes. Once my foot touched the water he spun around. My first reflex was to grab the shower curtain and cover up. He brust out laughing.

"Please don't be a jerk." I said. Hegrabbed a towel and replaced the shower curtain so he could wrap his arms around me. I wound mine around his neck."I want you. It's not excuse for what I do but it's still true." He said.

I laughed. "Men and themselves trying to be Edward Cullen." I said. I kissed him on the mouth. "Well you got a shot of me naked now get out." I told him. I grinned at him while he cracked up.

He kissed me one more time then he got out. I got in the tub and bathed quickly. I left my clothes on the toilet seat so I got dried and dressed. I borrowed his hair brush and ran it through my hair.

When I went back to Adam's room he wasn't there. "Adam?" I called. "Down here." He yelled from the first floor. Adam, his mom, dad and my mom were just chilling in the living room.

I felt a little weird with what I was wearing and I felt my arms hold my body around my stomach. Mr. Phenix laughed. "Mom." I said. She walked upto me wrapping her arms around me.

"I'm so sorry." She said. She let go of me and said. "We were talking and we think you should stay here until next week when you go to California. We got a letter today and your going to for a week for a tour."

She had a smile on her face. "Wow." I said. I turned toward Adam. He was smiling but it didn't seem to reach his eyes. I smiled and my head throbbed. "I think I need to lie down." I said starting to lose my balance.

Adam was there to catch me. "I'll take you upstairs." He said. He stood behind me taking both of my hands. We walked upstairs. "So your dad approves of us now?" I asked laying on his bed.

"Yeah, but don't worry about that, just rest." He told me. I didn't want him to leave me. "Will you stay?" I asked. "As long as you kiss me first." he said. I smirked. I leaned over and kissed him.

"Plus, I thought a nap would do me some good, too." he said with a grin."That's mean." I said. I knew that he was playing with me so I decided to do it back. He shrugged his shoulders.

I turned to where I wasn't facing him and scootedover until I was on the edge of the bed. "Be like that then." I said. He pulled me back over to him and then turned me over to face him.

"I was just kidding." he let me know. I laughed. "I know so was I." I told him. Adam kissed my nose as my eyes sarted to drift. I let myself sink into the darkness.

* * * * * *

I also woke up earlier than Adam and I decided to call Tammy and tell her about my letter."Guess what?" Tammy said after I told her and we jumped around over the phone.

"What?" I asked trying to sound excited. "I have this huge crush on Adam Phenix and I was wondering if you could talk to him for me because I'm too shy to do it." She said.

Wow. Well motherlover. Tammy liked Adam. What should I say? I asked myself. Hey what they heck will I tell him? "Sure." I said. "Thanks you're the best." Then she started babbling about silly things.

Adam woke up and walked behind me. He pushed my hair uncovering the side of my neck. "Um, what did you say, Tammy?" I asked. I coudn't concentrate on what shewas saying because I could feel my earlobe between his teeth tugging lightly.

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