Chapter 9

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ch. 9

"I thought you didn't like ice skating." I accused. "Well once I got used to it, it was ok. But if you really want to leave we can leave." Adam replied. I didn't want to make him unhappy but I was also really ready to leave.

"Please." I said. He grinned and followed me to a bench. I quickly returned my skated and stalked out of the place. I took my place in the front seat my head pounding. He got in the driver seat looking confused.

"What's wrong Lily?" he asked. "Nothing I just have a huge headache." I answered. "OK then I'll hurry up and get you home so you can lie down." he told me. I nodded.

"Thanks." I said. He got us back to the house and parked inhis driveway. Mydad had gotten back a lot earlier than planned. I could see him staring at me through the window.

"I'm coming in with you." Adam said noticing him also. "Yes." I agreed nodding. We started to walk toward my house. "He's already seen us together." I added. He grabbed my hand and we walked the rest of the way to the house.

"I'm scared." I whispered. He lightly rubbed my face. "He can't hurt you." He told me. A second later I looked at his face. "I won't let him." he promised. Then we walked into the house.

I quickly and quietly sat on the couch pulling Adam down with me. My dad hadn't said anything yet but I knew he was going to. He slowly turned to me and said, "I thought I told you not to see him anymore."

I could tell that he had been drinking. Well of course he had a bottle of whiskey in his hand. "And I told you no, I wasn't going to stop loving him." I answered. Adam squeezed my knee warning me.

My dad gave me a dirty look and yanked me up by my shirt. I squealed a little shocked. "Get your hands off her!" Adam yelled. My dad turned to Adam and grinned pouring his bottleof whiskey on me.

Adam jumped up. "So what are you gonna do little boy, hit me?" Dad asked. Dad then pushed me away making me hit my head on the edge of the table. I squealed. Where was my mom, I thought.

"I am now." Adam said giving my dad a hard blow to the face. "Adam don't." I whined. The hit made my dad fall backwards into the chair behind him. Adam walked next to me and heloped me off the floor.

He looked at my head and there was a gash. I could feel it. "Come to my house. My mom's a nurse she can take care of it." Adam said. He then turned to my dad. "Hey pops, put some raw meat on that worthless face of yours."

My dad seemed to not feel it because he was still smiling but I still elbowed Adam in the ribs. "What?" he asked. "Don't do that." I told him. He looked at my head again and his eyes went wide.

"Lily, your head is bleeding pretty bad..let's go." He rushed me out of my house and across the yard to his. He opened the front door and called out loudly,"Mom come here!"

We heard footsteps. "What? What is it?" She yelled then came in and saw me. "What happened?" I was starting to feel a little dizzie. "My dad." I gasped. She nodded and led me to the kitchen.

She had to put 4 stitchs in my forehead. "Oh honey you smell like alcohol." she said. I nodded. "I wasn't drinkig it though." I said. "Adam, take her upstairs, sneak over to her room get her some clothes and get her cleaned up." She instructed.

He looked worried. "What about dad?" He asked. "Don't worry about him, I'll explain to him about the situation." She notified him. He nodded and helped me up the stairs and to his room.

We went into his personal bathroom. He told me to sit on the toilet while he snuck over to my bedroom. He was coming through the window less than two minutes later.

I started crying,"Whats wrong?" Adam exclamied. "I feel so bad. You guys shouldn't help me like this and I'm upset because I don't understand why my dad treats me like this."

He wound his arms around me comforting me. "Shh." he calmed me. He got up and opened the shower curtain putting a plug in the tub. He turned on the water.

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