Chapter 22

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He settled between my legs and it was comfortable. His hand went to my ankle and gently traced up my bare leg. My leg bent as we did this. We turned and he sat up bringing me into his lap.

He unclapsed my bra and I took off his shirt. He fliped me back over on my back and lifted up my legs to take off my jean shorts. He hovered over me again and kiss me hard on the lips.

I put my hands on his stomach and traced his abs. He groaned. My hands went ower and I unbottoned his pants. He pulled back his eyes wide like he was amazed. "I love you." he said.

I grinned. "I love you, too." I told him. He put his mouth on my neck. He kissed around until he found my "spot". When he did, he knew it. He licked, sucked and scraped his teeth over it.

He pushed me back and took off my underwear in a single movement. "I guess we don't have to worry about getting pregnant since I already am." I said. He laughed taking off his boxers.

He came back over me and spread my legs. Grinning, he pushed flush agaisnt mine.

* * * * * *

He puled away several minutes later panting. I was tired too. "Come on we need to get cleaned up and go tell your dad." He said. "But I am so tired." I complained. He laughed. "You can sleep later." he told me pulling me up from the bed.

I took a quick shower and dried my hair. I put on some clothes that I had left here when I was living here and went down to the living room. Adam was already ready. We got to my house and Mom and Dad were in the living room watching a movie.

My mom gave me a worried look when she saw my face. We sat down on the love seat. "Dad, I have something very important to tell you." I said. He looked at me with an angry look on his face.

"I already know." he said nastily. Then his gaze turned toward Adam. "And for your information the only reason that I'm not going to kill you Adam, is because that child is going to need a father." he told him.

Adam let out his lungs full of air. "I want you both to get jobs, get married and by the baby is born you need a place to raise it." My dad explained. "We were aready going to do that, Mr. Montgomery." Adam said.

Dad looked at him surprised. I was sti trying not to fall asleep. "Honey, you don't look so good. Why dont you go lay down." My mom said. Adam stood up and took me upstairs. He put my under the covers.

"I love you. Good night." he said. I closed my eyes. "I love you, too." I said. I turned on my side and fell asleep.

(2 Months later)

My stomach was already getting bigger. My baby was growing fast and today I was going to the doctor. I was hopefully going to find out the gender since the baby was so big. Adam wants a boy but I kind of want a girl.

I guess that's just how it goes with gender. "Hun are you ready?" Adam yelled from downstairs. "Yeah, just a minute!' I yelled back. I was in the bathroom judging my stomach. I was already showing a lot.

I walked down the stairs grunting. "I'm so fat." Adam heard me. "You are not fat. Just pregnant." he said. "Whatever. I'm 4 months. Usually people don't start showing until 6 months." I said following him to the car.

He opened the door for me. "Well guess you're just special." He said. "Nope just fat." I muttered. He rolled hs eyes. About twenty minutes later we arrived at the doctor's office. We went inside the lobby and checked me in.

My doctor was a young male. His name was Doctor Kutcher. He was very handsome. Adam has tried to get me to change doctors many times and each time I assure him that Doctor Kutcher was fine.

We sat down and I looked around. There was at least five other pregnant grls besides me. Adam was the only father present. I hope he doesn't notice and try to get out of it because that is not going to happen.

One girl who must have only been 18 or so was huge. Her belly was. Plus she had a little boy with her who must of been ony two or three years old. Wow. I led my mouth to Adam's ear.

"Am I going to be like her?" I whispered nodding my eyes to the woman. His eyes narrowed. "Of course not. I doubt we're going to be having two kids by next year." he soothed me.

I moved my body and layed my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

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