Chapter 23

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I looked around at the other women. They all seemed to be around my age except for one. She seemed to be in her thirties and she was glaring at the rest of us.

Then a nurse came in and looked at her clip board. "Lily Montgomery." She read. It made me jump. I got up and Adam followed me into Dr. Kutcher's office. Adam was tensed up and I knew why.

My hot doctor was about to see the lower haf of my body naked. Again. The nurse handed me the hospital gown and I started to take my clothes off. "I really wish you would change doctors." he said.

I left my bra on and I placed the gown on my body. I sighed. I layed on the chair thing and Adam put my clothes in my bad. He put his hand out and I took it and that's when my doctor came in.

"Hello, Lily. Adam." He said. "Hi." I told hiim. Adam just nodded. He came and sat in front of me. "Ok, legs up." he said. I put my legs up and he did the usual check up.

When he was done he put the jelly stuff on my belly to do my sonogram for just the heart beat. I looked at the monitor. There was two flashing lights. "Um, what is that?" I asked pointing to it.

He looked at it too. "Oh my gosh, there are two heart beats." he said I was shocked. "So does that mean that I'm having twins?" I asked. Adam grinned. "Well yeah." Dr. Kutcher said.

"Oh my gosh, Adam." I awhed. Tears were coming to my eyes. Adam squeezed my hand. He was so happy. "That is so amazing." he said. The doctor rolled away from me on his stool.

"Ok you can get dressed and in a couple of minutes a nurse wil be in to take a picture." he let us know. Then he walked out but not before winking at me first. Adam pulled the hospital gown over my head and handed me my clothes.

"I can't believe we're having twins." he said as I finished dressing. "I know, just wait unti our parents' find out." I said. About 2 mintes later the same nurse who called me back here came in.

SHe had me sit and brought the maching or whatever toward me and asked me to lift my shirt. This was for the sonogram. She put more jelly on and now I saw the actual little babies.

They were so beautiful. "What are the genders?" I asked as she was looking around. She smiled. "You two got something very rare. There is one boy and one girl." She told us.

I gasped. Adam looked like he was going to cry. "Wow." he said. "Ok Lily you're done. Now you guys can wait here while I go and make a few pictures." Then the nurse was gone.

Adam's lips were on mine but he quickly pulled awa. "Twins a boy and a girl." he was so excited. I got off the bed and we hugged. "I love you. So much." he whispered in my ear.

Before I could answer back the nurse came back in with a couple of pictures of our baby, oh wait, I mean a few pictures of our babies. How could this day get any better?

We set me up for another appoinment and drove back home. I was so glad Adam and I lived next door to each other. We were going to celebrate in our own special way but I inisted hat we go te my mom and dad first.

We walked across the lawn and waked into my house. "Mom? Dad?" I called out. "In here!" Dad yeled. Adam and I walked into the kitchen. "We have the most exciting news." I told them.

My dad grinned. He was actually getting used to the idea that I was pregnant. He has been a lot nicer to me and Adam. "Well we just went to the doctor and look." I said.

I handed them each one of the pictures. "He/She is so beautiful. How did they get two pictures on one thing?" She asked. I laughed. Adam went to them. "Look again." he said pointing to the other baby.

My mom gasped and my dad smiled. It reminded me of Adam and I when we first found out. "Are... Is that another one?" My dadstammered. I nodded. "Yeah we're having twins a boy, and a girl." I told them.

"That is amazing." he said. "Well I'm glad you're happy now all we have to do is figure out a name for the,?" I said. "Uh-huh sure whatever." My dad said but he was smiling.

Adam took my hand and let me to his house and on the way up the stairs he kissed me.

6 months pregnant.

I was sitting on Adam's lap watching "A walk to Remember" Adam's fingers were tracing my stomach. On the T.V. Landon was telling Jamie he wanted to kiss her.

"I might kiss you." he said. Jamie looked like she was going to cry. "Well I might be bad at it." She said. He cupped her cheek with his hand. "Thats not possible." he said. Then he kissed her.

"Awww. They are so cute together." I said. Adam scoffed. "So are we silly." He told me. I turned my head towards his and I kissed him. He turned me aroung which was a little difficult since I was so freaking big.

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