Chapter 18

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"Don't leave me. Give me another chance. I love you." He said. I chuckled without humor. "Do you?" I asked looking away from him. "I do! Lily Marie Montgomery, I love you with my whole heart. Stay with me." He demanded.

I got on my knees in front of him and commanded. "Prove it, tomorrow. I'm going to school tomorrow. Prove it to me that you love me. If you don't care who knows. Prove it and I'll take you back."

His face lit up. "Ok, I will prove to you how much I love you. We have an assembly tomorrow. I'll do it then. Can I kiss you goodbye?" he babbled. I shook my head saying, "No but if you embarrass me, I'm going to kill you and you' be one since man because no one will want to be with you now leave."

He was not happy. I let him kiss my hand. "I love you." he said as he went out my balcony door. "Sure, sure." I answered. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

I quickly washed my hair in the sink and went into my bedroom to get my pajama's on. I wonder what he was going to do, I thought to myself. I went to sleep right after asking myself this question. Usually it takes me a while to fall asleep.

I woke up in the morning feeling anxious. I'm usually onfused on where I'm at, at first. I looked up and there was a note on my balcony door.

It said:

See you later, love you a lot-You know who

What a retard. Who puts you know who? I got ready quickly and got in my car to drive. The teachers were happy to have me beack for the rest of the week and that I was caught up. Tammy apologized over and over again but I kept saying that it was his fault not hers.

Which was true. The bell rang for lunch rang and it was like a normal day of school, excpet the only reason that I am here is for Adam to prove that he loves me. I got in the line right behind Tammy.

"Lily!" Someone yelled. I turned and it was Adam. He grinned at me and winked. I gave him an awkward wave and turned my attention back to Tammy. "So did you forgive him, too?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No, not yet" I answered. "I'm sorry." She said yet again. "Tammy stop. You didnt know about us" I protesed. "Fine, I'll stop." she said. I didn't look up at Adam at first but when I did he wasn't there.

"Can everyone please report to the gym for the afternoon assembly" Princible Bean said. Uh-oh, I thought. Well it's probaly for something else since he said we weren't supposed to be together but still that didn't stop us.

I followed Tammy to the gym and we sat at the very top of the bleachers in the corner. I was hoping that Adam wouldn't see me. Mr. Bean went to the gym floor. "Come on Adam." he said.

Adam looked nervous. I had no idea what he was doing. He picked up the microphone. "Uh, I have a letter to read to Lily Montgomery. Umm, Lily, the first time I saw we were seven and five years old. I can still remember that day. I was playing army with my best friend Steven, you were wearing a pink barbie shirt and jeans that had pink flowers on the ends. Even being seven years old I had to have you. " He started.

I stared at him in awe. "Then 11 years later you whispered in my ear that you loved me and I thought that my life was perfect because I had you." he said. I was already in tears.

"Then you told me about another guy you met and how great he was. It broke my heart because I thought I lost you. Then you came back and found out that I cheated." He threw the piece of paper on the floor.

It was blank. "But I love you so, so much. I know we're young but.."he got down on one knee bringing out a box as my eyes got wide. "Will you Lily Marie, marry me when we have the chance?" he asked.

I got out of my seat and ran down the aisle and over to Adam. He got up and caught me as I threw myself at him yelling, "Yes!" Everyone clapped and then he kissed me infront of everybody.

I pulled away "You are so dumb. I whispered in his ear. We got off the gym foor and Mr.Bean continued with his planned assembly. "Oh my god I completely forgot." he said. He pulled out the box and showed me this beautiful ring.

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