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Chapter 15

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4 days later Friday

7:25 A.M. Airport

I hugged my mom across the shoulders crying. "Uh mom don't cry. Be happy you're leaving for Hawaii in a couple of hours." I told her. "Stop crying? You're crying too." She reminded me.

"Doesn't mean you should. I'll see you guys next Friday morning. I love you Mom." I told her. I hugged my dad and I told him I loved him too. "Ok, we'll leave you two alone for a minute." Mom said to Adam and I.

Adam smiled. "Thanks." He said. We waited in silence as my Mom and Dadwalked to the entrance of the Airport where they would wait for him. As soon as we were alone I wound my arms around his neck crying again.

"I love you. I said. I wassn't quite sobbing but I was close. His arms made a tight hold around my waist and he answered me by kissing me. He didn't seem to care about all the strangers who saw, just me, and I thought Adam himself was just amazing.

"Now boarding for flight 110. Now boarding for flight 100." An attendent announced. "That's me." said hugging one last time. "I love you." I let him know. "Not as much as I love you." he answered.

I let go of him and walked to the boarding line. While I waited to get my ticket checked I watched him. He waved and turned to walk away. His walk was flawless and beautiful.

I laughed at myself. He was right, I could be pretty hilarious. The flight attendent was a short perky blonde girl who smiled too much. "Ok you may go." She said. I smiled and got on the plane to find my seat.

I was lucky and got to sit by this really hot, tan guy. I could talk to him. Talking isn't cheating. I sat next to him and he smiled at me. "So, if I may ask why are you going to California?" he asked.

He had a very sweet, loveable voice. "I was accepted to the Universty of California of the Arts as a Junior." I said proud. He looked shocked. He held out his hand. "Me too, bu I'm a senior. By the way my name is Austen. Austen Morgan." he said. I shook his hand in a generous way saying. "Hi, I'm Lily, Lily Montgomery."

(Adam's point of view)

I watched her get in line and waved. She smiled and waved back. I left there. Lily's Mom and Dad had waited for me and they drove me home. When I got home my mom greeted me with the usual Good Morning smile.

"Did she get settled?" She asked. "Yeah I'm going upstairs." I answered. I showered first then I looked through my window to the dark empty room next door. Then it came to me.

There are a lot of guys who Lily will think are hot in California. What if she...? I don't think she will. It's only for a week. I must of fell alseep because my cell phone ringing woke me up.

"Hello?" I greeted not even caring to look at the caller I.D. "Hey Adam, it's me." Lily greeted. Then I cared. "Hey baby, how was your flight?" I asked eager to see if she had met anyone else who she might be interested in.

"It was good. I already have a new friend. His name is Austen Morgan. He's from Chicago too. I didn't even that know that." She answered. "Oh don't get any ideas." I said trying to tease her.

"Shut up. You know that I would never fo that to you." She said but she did laugh. I sighed. She is driving me crazy. She must of heard me because she asked. "What's wrong? You do believe me don't you?"

I sighed again. "I believe you, why wouldn't I?" I answered questions. "Uh, I don't know if you met a pretty girl and went off to school with her, I wish I could but I have heard stories where you ahve cheated on other girls." she said.

Who told her that?, I thought. "Who told you that?" I asked. "Um Ashley and I was kind of there when she caught you." She answered. I did infact cheat on Ashley with another girl.

What was her name again? Umm, Molly I think. Yeah that was right. "I would never do to you. I love you but I guess I lied to you about only kissing you but you are the first girl that I have truely fallen in love with." I admitted.

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