Chapter 11

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"Tammy can I call you later?" I asked. "Yeah sure, but don't forget to talk to him." I hung up but he didn't stop. I layed my head back on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

He started to make his way down to my neck when there was a knock at the door. "Hurry, pretend that you are asleep." he murmured in my ear. I quickly got under the covers and closed my eyes getting into the position I usually slept in.

"Come in." Adam said as someone walked in. "Hey! What are you doing here?" Adam half-yelled. "Shh! You'll wake her up. I'm here to apologize." My dad said. Adam moved to the bed and sat between him and I.

At least I hoped that it was Adam. "I do apologize for what happened today. I am trying to stop drinking but when I heard about her being with you. It broke my heart. You must know that I do, truely love her. " My dad told Adam.

"That's pretty hard to believe after what you did. The bruise that was on her face and the gash in her head." Adam reminded him. My dad burst into tears. I felt like getting up and hugging him.

No matter what he did to me I would always love him. "I know. I go crazy everytime I see a mark on her face and know it had come from me. When I do I want to kill myself." My dad sobbed.

I opened my eyes a little and they had their backs to me so I knew that I was safe. Adam patted him on the back while he cried. "She's my little girl." He sobbed. Then I couldn't take it anymore.

I got up going to the part of the bed where dad sat and hugged him. I didn't say anything. I just hugged him and cried. He wrapped his arms around me and we cried together. I heard Adam step out of the room.

After I minute I said, "I forgive you Dad but I am going to stay here." He patted my back and said. "I understand, I better go." I stood up. "When you go downstairs, will you tell Adam to come back?"I asked.

He nodded and left the room. About thirty or so seconds later Adam was back and he sat next to me. "Are you ok?" he asked me. I looked up at him and smiled. "Yeah, I think I will be. Thanks." I said.

I hugged him around the middle and he laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked confused. "You. How can you forgive somebody for that so easily?" he answered with a question.

"Adam, he's my dad it would be hard not to forgive him" I said. He snorted. "Lily, you're so stupid. He hit you, busted your head open and he squirts out a few tears, you open your arms and say "Oh, I forgive you." ". He said.

He was making me so mad. "Why are you being such a jerk?" I asked in a small voice. He gave me a dirty look. "Why are you being such a stupid pushover?" He asked instead of answering my question.

I was cursing him in my head. "You say I'm a stupid pushover? I'll show you a stupid pushover. I'll have sex with you right now, then I'll go back home then to California and I'll never see you again. Just like he wants." I yelled.

Then I thought for a minute. Adam would like that. "I change my mind. I won't have sex with you. I'll just do the other things." I said. He tried to hug me but I stopped him. "Don't touch me." I told him.

I went to his back window and opened it. "Where are you going?" he asked. I snorted. "I wasn't bluffing." I answered getting into the tree. "Go away." I told him. "You're doing all this because I called you names I could call anyone?" he asked.

I nodded. He followed me into my room and plopped on my bed. "I'm sorry." he said. He leaned in and tried to kiss me. "No you're not. You're only apologizing because I'm mad at you and won't kiss you or anything." I said.

"Oh that is such a big problem." he said sarcastically. I gave him a surprised dirty look. "I'm kidding." he said. "I'm sorry because I shouldn't of said that and because I upseted you." he told me.

I looked at him straight in the eyes. "Do you swear you are sorry?" I asked. "Yes he replied quickly."Then I forgive you as long as you never call me those words again." I said "I won't but still whats the big deal?" he asked.

"Well I don't like to be called names like that, or names at all unless its my name Lily." I told him.

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