Chapter 1

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Today well sucked. All I did was sit at school then sit at home. Then I heard his voice. " Hey Montgomery come and help me!" Adam yelled. Confused, I walked down my porch steps.

"It's Lily." I told him, as if he didn't know. He laughed. Adam was one of those jock guys who don't talk to girls like me. I'm just an exception since I've known him for life. I smiled to myself.

Adam had dark brown shaggy hair that looked like it had brown high lights in the summer. I made fun of him for that. He-he. He's got these amazing green eyes that are so light green there almost blue.

He's got some freckles that look so cute on him. He plays baseball and wants to go pro some day and the only thing about him that I only know is that he likes to write peotry. It's one of his deep secrets but I like it and think that he shouldn't be ashamed of it.

I snapped back to reality. "What do you want?" I asked a little sassy. His eyes went a little wide with shock. "Well I was going to ask if you would help me finish with leaves but if you don't want to help a friend in need and want to go sit your ass back down on your porch with all means." He said playfully.

I grinned and he returned it. I put all of my weight onto my left foot and lifted my eyes to the sky as if I was going to think about it. I bit my lower lip and patted my foot. I nodded.

"Ok." I told him. He chuckled. I took a rake and started raking. We were quiet for a minute making nice little piles when all of a sudden he fell backwards. Oh, and did I mention that he took me down with him because he did.

"Hey what was that for?" I protested trying to get up. He just pulled me back down staring into my eyes. "How old are you Lily?" he asked. I didn't know why he asked that, he knew the answer.

"I'm 16 Adam. You know two years younger then you." I reminded him. I felt a little worried with his arms around my waist holding me. I felt my face go hot. I gluped as he leaned his face toward mine.

Then we heard a starlting voice. "Adam! Come in here for a minute. Where are you?" Mrs. Phenix called. He puleed away from my face. He looked at me with regret. "I-I-I better go and see what she wants." he stuttered jumping up pulling me up with him.

I smiled involuntarily. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow at your basketball game." i let him know. (He played that too). His face lit up surprised to know this fact. "You're going?" he asked excited.

"Yeah what else is there to do after school? Sit on my porch?" I asked grinning. He seemed to know that I was kidding. "Well yeah. Sure. Ok. I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." he said.

Adam then turned away and ran into his house like an idiot. I laughed. I then turned around and walked back to mine. "What did Adam want?" my mother asked as I walked inside.

"He wanted me to help him rake his yard." I answered. She laughed. "Of course Adam would need help with something like that." She said. I laughed agreeing. I started up the stairs.

"Where are you going?" my dad asked. "Um upstairs. I have some homework to do." I said. He nodded giving me premission to perceed. But when I got to my room I collasped on my bed.

I started to think about what Adam was going to do. He was going to kiss me, wasn't he? I asked myself. Soon later I must have fallen asleep because my mom took my shoes off and turned the light off.

I looked at the clock and it was after 11:00 so I turned over and went back to sleep.

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