Chapter 24

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He rubbed my sides trying to take off my shirt. "Uh, Adam I can't." I sad. "Why?" He asked shocked. I sighed and pointed down to my belly. "Well we can do it a different way." he told me.

I grunted. "I can't we tried that before remember? It makes my stomach hurt." I reminded him. "Oh." he said. Then a tired wave came over me. "Let's go take a nap." I suggested.

He laughed. "You are always tired." He let me know. I nodded. I was always tired. It got on my last nerve. I got up and tried to pull him off the couch. It didn't work out so much because I was so big and weak.

"Come on." I whinned. He rolled his eyes but got up and followed me up to his bedroom. I carefully plopped down on the bed. Adam unbottoned his jeans and threw them on the floor.

He threw his shirt off too. "What are you doing?" I asked. He chuckled. "Don't worry about it. I'm not going to try and have sex with you or rape you. I'm just trying to get comfortable." he assured me.

"Thats not what I was, oh nevermind." I said. He laughed andlayed next to me. "I love you." He said wrapping his arms around me. "I love you, too." I told him. He looked deeply into my eyes.

"All three of you." he said. He rubbed my stomach and I quicky kissed him on the mouth.

9 months pregnant

I was sitting on the couch in Adam's lap. It was kind of hard right now with the twins so big. I was excited. "Adam's parents came home the day before yesterday and they were thrilled. Everyone kept telling me not to expect anything today because barely anyone has the there baby on the exact due date.

Adam wanted me checked into the hospital today but nobody second him. "So how are you feeling?" he asked. Adam kept asking me the same question for the past hour over and over again.

"Yes Adam I'm fine. I feel the same way I felt five minutes ago." I told him. He grinned. "Ok, I'm just asking. You know I want them out. I'm just anxious." He told me. I sighed. "I know you want them out. I'm just as anxious as you are." I answered him.

He nodded. I layed my head on his chest trying to fall asleep. It started to work. I started drifting but not all the way asleep. I was still dreaming. I dreamt that I was having the twins. Seth Michael was born first.

It was the first time that I thought of names even in a dream. I wasn't feeling any pain. I was just having my babies. Then my beautiful daughter Jayda Elizabeth started coming. I then felt my lower parts getting very wet.

I looked down and blood was going everywhere. I knew that I was dying. Everybody in the room was scared and they were yelling. I wasn't freaking out at all though. All I wanted to do was get my last baby out safely.

Adam was next to me squeezing my hand. Tears were in his eyes. His mouth was moving, like was shouting things at me. I didn't listen I just kept pushing. "Lily! Lily! Wake up! Your water broke! All over me!" Adam yelled.

Then I knew that I was safe but my babies were coming. I was right. They were coming today. Or like right now. Oh yeah, I thought. I opened my eyes with a grin. "Oh you think it is funny that your water broke on me?" He asked scooting me over and getting up.

I nodded. "And the fact that our babies are coming like right now!" I yelled getting to my feet. I started to feel pain. "Come on Adam let's go! Where is my over night bag?" I asked. I started freaking out.

I thought that I was going to hyperventalate. I didn't realize at first that I was yelling. "Ok, ok, honey. I'm trying to let me change my pants really fast ok." he told me. But he said really fast.

He was still standing there. I was breathing heavily and I thought a head was going to come out now. "Go!" I yeled at him. "Well I was waiting to hear what you were going to say." he let me know.

I pointed to the stairs then I bent over putting my hands on my knees, groaning in pain. "Oh right." he said. Adam ran up the stairs and I fet a lot more pain in my uterous. I whimpered in agony.

A minute and a half or so later Adam was coming back down the stairs in a clean pair of jeans and my bag. He ran out of the house and I followed wobbling. He got to my door and opened it, helped me in and shut the door behind me.

On the way to the driver side he pulled out his cell phone. "Hey Keith, yeah it's time. Lily and I are on our way to the hospital. Yeah meet us there." Adam told my father. They hung up and he called his mom.

When he was done he hung up and stopped at a red light.

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