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I pushed the heavy cart full of cleaning supplies down the narrow dimly lit hallway. I hit every bump or indent along the way. My legs were stiff and sore already and it was just the start of my night.

I could hear laughter as I passed some rooms. It was a Friday night so the travelers were more than likely ready to party.

Down on the bottom floor some rich asshole rented out the bar room and invited a bunch of rambunctious friends. If you stood completely still and stayed quiet, you could hear the faint sound of yelling and music.

I reached the elevator and slammed my hand onto the down button. I had to haul Susie's cart back downstairs because she doesn't know how to clean up after herself.

The doors opened with a quiet ding and I started the pain in the ass that is fitting these carts into tiny ass elevators. After a few seconds of swearing and shoving, the cart rolled in and took up most of the space. I sighed and pushed level one. The doors closed slowly and I started the descent.

I looked at myself in the mirror interior of the elevator. My hair was already falling out of my ponytail. I pulled it out and watched as my brown hair fell over my shoulders looking messier than it just had. I rolled my golden brown eyes as I ran my fingers through it, trying to make it look like I did something with myself.

The ding of the doors opening pulled me away from fixing myself. I stepped out of the elevator and pulled on the cart, which is even harder to get out than in.

I pulled it out, nearly falling on my ass. I pushed it down the hall to the stations.

"Susie left her supplies on level three." I said to Martha as I passed her.

"When does she not leave it." Martha stated rolling her eyes.

I grabbed my cart which was full of bedding and towels, looks like I'm changing beds tonight.

"Just work on this level right now. That kid who rented out the bar got rooms for everyone. You need to get those rooms done before they get their keys." She said putting a hand on my shoulder. "They just started an hour ago, I don't see them getting tired yet."

I nodded and pushed my cart out and down the hall. I turned left heading towards the area by the bar. I took another turn and I could hear the music already. Loud bass and lots of shouting. I turned down the hallway to the bar. In front of the doors I could see a few people standing around talking. A couple of guys and girls.

As I approached I could hear the girls laughing loudly. I looked into the room as I walked by. The room was lit up with lights and I could see a crowd dancing and singing along to some random song.

I sighed as I pushed my cart farther down the hallway. I was tempted to go in get a drink and get lost in the crowd, but clearly I couldn't do that.

I turned right and was met with the short hallway that was assigned to me tonight. It's only twenty rooms, which I'll probably get done early.



I laughed loudly at what Ashton said, he was already super drunk and getting crazy.

I stood up and made my way to the bar, I was running out of alcohol and that was a problem.

I smiled at the bar tender who nodded to me as he grabbed a cup and a bottle of patron. I turned away and scanned the room. I spotted Calum somewhere in the middle of the crowd. His birthday hat sticking out against everyone else. I hope he's enjoying his birthday party.

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