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This time we were alone.

It was just Luke, Petunia, and I in his house. It was overwhelming thinking about the size of it and comparing it to myself, I felt like I was in a small enclosed town. Maybe I'm being dramatic.

I sat on a couch across from Luke, Petunia was currently sitting with him but she has been going back and forth between us.

He was leaning back against the couch, petting Petunia with one hand and scrolling through his phone with the other. The tv was on playing some prank show that I was half interested in. The other half of my interest was focused on Luke.

He looked so good right now, his hair falling in his face, a goofy smile occasionally. I made a decision quickly.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and sneakily raised it enough to get a good picture. As soon as my thumb hit the button I realized I had made a mistake.

The shutter sound went off and I felt my stomach drop.


Luke's eyes snapped up to mine and he raised an eyebrow.

I pretended to be taking a Snapchat.

"That's the oldest trick in the book darling." He said, a cocky smile spreading over his face.

I rolled my eyes.

"Show me your camera roll then." He said as he got up and made his way over to me. He hovered beside me like a giraffe.


"See, I was right, maybe you should try to be more sneaky next time, or ask me first."

He sat down beside me.

"Check this out."

His phone was suddenly in my face and I was looking at an Instagram account.

"This is my fan account."

"Of your own band?"


I gave him a blank look.

"I trick the fans."

"Oh. Okay, do they know it's not you, or do they suspect it?"

I scanned the page, he had just over a thousand followers and was following the same amount. His name was .luashmical.

"I'm actually kind of friends with some of them, we talk almost daily." He said and then started laughing. "One time, one of the girls and I were joking with each other about being me. That's only cause my bio says I'm a Luke girl. We were having a normal conversation and then right in the middle of it she just messaged me and said "lol I'm Luke." Which I though was funny considering I'm me."

He was full on laughing now, leaning against me a little.

"So obviously I was like "omg no way" and she was all like, "I'm just kidding, you never know though." I was so close to sending her a picture and being like, "surprise bitch."

"Why don't you do that?"

"I'm planning on it. I want to see how long I get away with it. I want to post a selfie and see if they realize that its new or not."

I shook my head, it was definitely really cool that he was doing that. If I were talking to my favorite celebrity unknowingly and then found out, I'd freak out.

Petunia made her way over to us, sitting beside me this time. We fell into a silence as Luke responded to his fans.

"Did you have fun on the boat?" He asked as he locked his phone and met my eyes.

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