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I don't know why Stormella decided I needed to go to the board walk. Obviously she thought it would make me not want to drink. Well I have news for her, it isn't working.

You know who liked roller coasters.

I followed behind her, trying not to be super irritated. She did pay for my all day access bracelet, which was expensive in terms of normal people.

"I'm not a big ride person but I like this one."  She said as we approached a huge ride with a bunch of swings hanging off it. It was set up on the edge of the dock so the swings would go over the water.

Fuck no.

I stayed in place, staring up at the stupid thing.

I am not riding that.

"Luke." She called, turning around once she realized I wasn't following her.

I gave her a look that reminded her about the conversation we had in the car. The one where I told her not to shout my name.

"Oh, sorry, come on princess." She called.

"I'm good."

"You scared?"


"Then prove it." She shouted as she turned back around, walking up to the ride guy and showing him her bracelet. She walked up to the ride, picking a seat. She turned to look at me.

I was not going to let her think I was a chicken. I marched right up to the guy, who was smirking at me, showed him my bracelet and the took the seat right beside her. We were a good ten feet apart.

The guy looked around for anyone else who wanted to ride. Most of the people here were interested in eating so it was just us on the ride.

I felt the ride slowly start to move up, bringing us up into the air. I felt my stomach do a flip. The ground was getting further away than I liked.

I looked over to see Stormella smiling at me.

"Are you gonna be okay princess?" She asked.

I rolled my eyes, just as the ride started to spin. I let out a little scream.

"Relax Luke, we'll be fine." She shouted so I could hear her over the wind.

We circled over the ocean and the dock. My feet dangling above them both. I tried not to think about that, I also tried not to think about the fact the ride was going faster. I didn't drink enough alcohol to do anything to me this morning, but the spin was making me feel like I had.

I looked back over to Stormella. She had her arms stretched out. Her hair was blowing behind her and she looked, calm.

I stretched my arms out too, feeling my stomach flip again as I noticed the ocean before me.

Relax dude. I thought to myself as I inhaled deeply through my nose, closing my eyes.

"There you go." I heard Stormella shout.

I felt a big smile stretch across my face. My mind was clear as the wind hit my face. Blowing away any thoughts I could've had about a certain someone.

Once we were back on the ground I was relieved. Although I had fun, I did not like being spun around thirty feet above ground.

"Okay, your turn." She said as we walked by a bunch of game booths.

I looked around, spotting a big rollercoaster over on the beach. I know who would've loved that.

I headed in it's direction, as I did thoughts of her filled my mind.

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