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I'm not sure if I felt the headache or the shaking first. Someone was shaking me.

My limbs started regaining feeling one by one.

I was cold, and laying on the floor. The light burned my eyes, making my head nearly explode.

Then the smell hit me.

I gagged.

"Luke." Calum said in a concerned tone. He wasn't speaking loud but it managed to hurt my head.

I sat up, sticking my hand in something cold and gooey.

"Gross, you've got your hand in it." I hear Michael say from across the room.  

I looked down to see my hand in a big puddle of vomit. I felt my stomach turn at the sight of it. I then noticed that my shirt was covered in it.

"Look what you're doing to yourself." Calum said, his voice getting ready to be a shout.

I stood up, my head hurting more in response. I rocked back and forth a second, holding my head with my clean hand. I wasn't ready to hear about what I'm doing wrong.

"Do you realize you could've died Luke? People die from passing out and then getting sick. Let's not forget alcohol poisoning either."

"Calum." I said, but he didn't hear me.

"How much did you drink to get to this point?" He continued on.

"Calum." I groaned.

"You've never drank this much before. You need to get your shit together and stop moping abo-."

"DON'T FUCKING SAY HER NAME." I yelled, my vision nearly going black.

"You need to get over it Luke. She wasn't anything special, do you not remember what she did to you?" Calum asked angrily.

I shook my head, trying keep his words away. He is right though.

"Calum, you're being kind of harsh." Ashton said quietly as he laid a hand on his shoulder.

"No I'm not, one of these days he's gonna die from alcohol poisoning."

Big fucking deal.

"Luke, what Calum means to say is, it's hurting us seeing you this way. Finding you passed on the floor in a puddle of vomit is upsetting. We're your best friends and it hurts us." Ashton has always had a way with words. I know that I'm hurting them but I don't mean to.


I walk through the sliding doors and into the dimly lit lobby of the hotel. I doubt tonight will be as exciting as last night.

I said hi to Martha as I put my jacket away.

"Julie is doing cleaning and bedding so you'll be on room service tonight dear." She told me.

I sighed, rolling my eyes.

"It hasn't been that busy tonight, you know how week nights are."

I sat down beside her.

"Yea, I'm just gonna sit here and be bored all night."

"No you won't, you have me to talk to."

Yea but all you want to talk about is-

"So, have you found a boyfriend yet?"


I shook my head, forcing a light smile.

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