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I stood in the middle of a huge crowded airport, looking around everywhere for a tall man.

It sounds like it might not be too hard to find him but, it is.

People shoved past me, heading for waiting areas or the stairs. I stood like an island in a moving sea.

I figured there would be a group of girls around Luke, considering how big his band seems to be, but I couldn't find a group of girls anywhere.

I started walking around, looking at every person I saw to be sure it wasn't him.

Finally I decided to message him.

Stormella: Where are you?

I kept my phone in my hand as I headed back to the stairs where most passengers were heading down and leaving the building.

I leaned against the wall, sighing and wanting to be home.

I felt my phone vibrate in my hand.

Luke: I've been watching you the whole time

I furrowed my eyebrows.

Luke: I can see you now

I looked around, feeling a bit irritated that he had been watching me and hadn't said a thing.

I scanned the crowd slowly, not seeing anyone familiar.

I stepped away from the wall, walking slowly as I watched everyone.

Finally, I looked to my right, and near the stairs was a tall man, wearing a hat and a dark hoodie, sunglasses, and an almost obvious fake mustache.

It wasn't the mustache that caught my attention though, it was the cardboard sign he held that said darling.

I felt my face heat up a little, slightly embarrassed.

I stomped over to him, noticing his amused smiled which made his mustache nearly fall off.

"Darling, welcome to LA." He said pulling me into a tight hug against him.

"Thanks for flying me out here, did you really have to watch me wander around for fifteen minutes?" I asked against his shirt.

He laughed quietly, letting go and leading me to the stairs.

"You looked at me several times."

"I wasn't looking for a mustache." I laughed.

"That's why I had the sign." He said as we hurried down the stairs.

"There were so many people I couldn't see it." I laughed, shoving his shoulder lightly.

We made our way through the crowded airport and out the doors into the warm California sun.

I looked around as I followed Luke, there were palm trees everywhere. The sky was clear, and there was a warm breeze.

Luke whipped around smiling, this time the mustache fell off. He grabbed it and shoved it in his pocket.

"Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful so far, and I've only been out of the airport for five seconds."

"It gets better." He said as he turned around and lead me to a rather large black car. I couldn't tell what kind it was.

I watched as he unlocked the doors and climbed in. I did the same, the car smelled new, and there were some empty water bottles in the backseat, that was about it.

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