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I woke up early, way before Stormella or any of the guys got up. I laid in bed for a little bit, staring up at my ceiling, I could hear Petunia snoring from her dog bed. Stormella was about to hang off the bed. I grabbed her arm and pulled her carefully away from the edge.

My stomach flipped as I looked at her, I felt sick.

I remember something similar to this, the way she felt in my arms.

I pushed the feeling aside though, I was not going to acknowledge it at all. It was too early in the morning for this.

I got up and headed for the bathroom. I took a quick shower and headed out to the living room that was a mess, just like I imagined.

There was trash everywhere, couch cushions scattered the living room, some food left out on the coffee table. I sighed loudly.

Why can't people clean up after themselves?

I began cleaning the living room, putting the cushions back on the couch, throwing the trash away, taking the pizza slice out of the fish tank. You'd be surprised at what gets put in there.

"Luke." He finally said.

I felt his eyes on me for the past couple of minutes, I hadn't heard him come out from his room, but I knew he was there.

I turned and faced Ashton, he was standing on the second step to the bottom, making him slightly taller than me.

The tone of his voice said it all, the look on his face. It wasn't harsh, it was care and concern.

I didn't respond, I turned and went back to cleaning.

"I'm not trying to be nosy, or get into your business, but what exactly is going on between you and Stormella?" He asked quietly in a gentle voice.

I rolled my eyes.

"Everything I do is wrong." I mumbled under my breath.


"Why does it matter?" I asked feeling annoyed. Their constant invasion of my privacy was getting ridiculous.

"Because you flew her out here, you fucked her several times and then fucked other girls." His voice was still gentle, but the words were nails and I was stepping on them.

"When is she going home?" He asked.

I laughed in response. I didn't have an idea.

"You need to figure out what is going on between you two. To everyone else it looks different than what I think you perceive it as."

I threw the bag of trash down.

"Why the fuck does it matter to anyone else if I flew a girl out here to fuck me? Why does it matter that I've fucked her more than once? It's no ones business." I responded quietly, but anger showing slightly.

"I know its none of our business, but you never sleep with the same girl twice. The reason it does matter is because she probably doesn't think of it as casual."

I stared down at the ground, taking his words in, but letting them make me angry. I turn to face him but he's already on his way back to his room.

I know he's looking out for me, but I sometimes get so annoyed with it.

I picked up the trash bag and headed for my kitchen, grabbing a half full bottle of vodka as I cleaned the kitchen.

By the time I had the kitchen cleaned I was already half done with the bottle.

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