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The drive to the beach took forever, mainly because we had to buy me a bathing suit.

We went into some shop by that specialized in bathing suits, it was insane. I had found several that I liked and Michael kept bringing more that he thought were cool. Ashton and Calum were helpful with helping me decide. Luke stood off to the side, his sunglasses were on and he wasn't home.

After a fifteen minute argument I chose a black, white, and yellow one. Ashton paid for it and I gave him a hug. Luke kept quiet and stayed behind us.

When we got to the beach Calum led us to the boat docks where his yacht was.

I figured when they said boating that they meant a pontoon boat, or a speed boat, not a fucking yacht.

Living in Miami I went to the beach sometimes, there was only one time in the fifth grade when I had been out on a boat, it was a pontoon and I was so scared. The waves were big that day and were rocking the boat around furiously, needless to say I ended up crying and never wanting to ride a boat again. A yacht is different right?

There was a tall man standing beside it, he had long dark hair and sunglasses covering his eyes, he was wearing a tank top and swim trunks.

"Jerry, thanks for coming out today." Calum said as he high fived the man and handed him something.

Jerry, unlocked the door on the side and motioned for us all to go inside. I was in front and didn't want to be first so I looked to all of the boys who were staring at me. Ashton got the hint and stepped ahead.

I looked for Luke, hoping he'd lead me on but he was already walking past me, not even glancing in my direction.



I was sitting on the deck of the yacht while I listened to Stormella tell Ashton all about her first time riding a boat. Little does she know that Jerry drives like a maniac, and this is a Pershing yacht (basically a speed boat yacht thing) and Calum loves it when Jerry floors it.

I laughed to myself quietly as I lay on the beach chair, sunglasses on, hiding the fact that I was half drunk already.

I was just about to fall asleep when I heard the boat roar into action. We slowly maneuvered out of the docking area and past the no wake zone. As soon as we passed the last warning sign Jerry floored it. The tip of the boat pointed up and I felt the wind whip past me.

I could hear Stormella screaming and I couldn't help but look back and laugh, until I saw her holding onto a shirtless Ashton.

I narrowed my eyes at the sight.

Why isn't she hanging out with me? I thought bitterly. I knew the answer though.

I got up and headed to the cabin, careful not to fall while Jerry drove like he was playing Mario Kart. I made sure to give Ashton a dirty look on the way in.

As soon as I had the door closed, it opened again and in came Ashton.

He was trying hard not to be upset, it wasn't working. I could see his brows furrowing while he kept the rest of his face relaxed.

I sat down on the couch sitting my arms across the back and spreading my legs as wide as I could.

"You know you did invite her." He started staying by the door.

I shrugged.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You need to hang out with her. I told you this wasn't a good idea, I knew you'd get bored after you used her and she'd be confused and upset. Like she is."

I rolled my eyes so fucking hard, she's a fucking girl, girls are dramatic.

"She's just over reacting."

"Not really Luke, you're being a genuine piece of trash."

"Me, the piece of trash? At least I'm not some hoe who got on a plane first chance to go fuck some guy." My words burned my throat as they came out. What the fuck was I saying, why was I being such a, such a, genuine piece of trash?

Ashton's face went from slightly relaxed, to shock, and then rage, he let it melt away quickly though. When he spoke he was terrifyingly calm.

"I've heard you say some pretty rude shit Luke, but that, what you just said was so out of character. Who the fuck are you anymore? Do you think it's okay to play with peoples emotions?"

He paused, waiting for an answer. I was too scared to give one.

"You know who else played with peoples emotions."

I wanted to yell at him for bringing her up. I was not like her at all.

"When we get home Im getting her the first plane ticket back home, she doesn't deserve to be treated this way."

He stared me down a few more seconds and then headed back out the door.

I leaned my head back and replayed the conversation in my head.

I smacked myself in the head, grabbing my hair and pulling it.

What the fuck is wrong with me? Stormella isn't a hoe, I am.

I got up and drug myself over to the alcohol cabinet and grabbed the strongest kind I could find. I did a few shots and I was fucked enough to show my face.

Jerry had parked us somewhere in the ocean. You couldn't see land from where we were and for all I knew, it was the middle of the ocean.

I walked past the guys and Stormella, who were taking a picture together. I could feel Ashton's eyes on me. I headed down to the lower part of the boat so I could get in and go swimming.


The boys and I, except Luke, decided to take a picture together. I think they were just being nice because Luke was ignoring me.

I'm not gonna lie, I am bothered by it. Why did he invite me if he was just gonna be moody and ignore me if he wasn't fucking me?

The door to the cabin opened and we all looked over to see Luke stagger out. He made his way to the ladder to get in the water. I could see Ashton glaring at him the entire time.

I watched him as he stared at it for a few seconds and then decided to just jump off the edge.

I could see Ashton roll his eyes while he whispered "dramatic" under his breath.

He wasn't wrong.

Michael followed, running full speed and jumping off the boat next, then Calum.

"Are you going in?" Ashton asked.

"Not like that."

He laughed at my response.

"Let's get you some arm floaties."

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