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I've driven around the block several times. I've been up and down my neighborhood. I even got out and searched the park.

He was no where to be found.

I had only been looking for like, fifteen minutes, but I was starting to panic a little.

What if he gets lost?

I decided to expand my search, that was obviously the only thing I could do.

I started driving around town, looking for a super tall, curly guy.

I passed several bars and prayed that he wasn't in them because I was not going in there. The streets were empty.

I ended up having to expand my search again. The outer part of town, by the beach, that's where I found him.

I slowed down, as I started to recognize the figure who's back was to me, walking down the side walk. He was headed towards the beach. His hair was blowing slightly in the wind.

He had a bottle in his hand, which I knew was alcohol.

I took a deep breath.

Do not harass him about drinking. I told myself.

I pulled up beside him, rolling down the window.

"Luke." I said, making him jump and turn towards me.

I pulled over slightly.

"What are you doing here?" He breathed, stepping up to the window.

"Looking for you."

He took a sip of his almost half gone bottle.

"I don't have to stay with you."

"Oh. I know that." I said, feeling taken aback. I guess I just figured he wanted to stay with me. "I just got worried."

He must of realized his words because he made a face.

"Sorry, I meant that I needed fresh air. I'm headed to the beach. I probably should've let you know, sorry." He said as he ran a hand through his hair.

I smiled.

"Need a ride?" I asked.

He nodded, opening the door and getting in.

"You're almost there." I stated as I headed down the road, turning to my right into an empty parking lot.

"I know, I was taking my time. Listening to the sounds of the city at night, following the moon." He turned to me, He was smiling like a kid. "Will you come with me?" He asked as I pulled into the closest spot I could find.


"Okay, but you have to bring the blanket or you can just leave."

I nodded, laughing, noticing the effects of the alcohol on him.

"Okay princess." I said as he was climbing out of the car.

He froze, just about to shut the door. He bent down furrowing his brows.

"Hey, I am not a princess." He laughed. He was trying to be serious but it wasn't working.

I climbed out of the car, slamming my door shut as he did.

"What am I supposed to call you then?" He called to me even though I was barely five feet in front of him.

"Probably my name." I suggested.

He was at my side now, his hair was a mess as he tried to keep up with me.

"But your name is so long." He whined, slowing down so he was behind me.

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