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Swimming got boring after an hour, there wasn't much to do other than play tag around the boat. I've never been much of a tag person but when I'm wasted, I'll do whatever.

I got out though, once they started throwing a beach ball around, my head was starting to hurt and I might need another shot.

The cabin was decent sized. There was a small living room when you first walked in. It turned into a small kitchen which led down the hallway to some stairs and a bathroom. Upstairs were six tiny bedrooms. Each had a set of bunk beds, except for two which had king beds.

The boys and I had a few wild parties on this thing, you don't want to know.

I pulled a bottle from the cabinet and poured a shot, leaning against the counter and closing my eyes.

I have to get my shit together.

"What are you doing?"

I jumped, opening my eyes and dropping my shot glass before I even had the chance to drink it.

She was standing by the fridge, a pink towel wrapped around her and her brown hair looked like wet noodles.

"Fuck. Make some noise next time." I said as picked up the shot glass, it didn't break.

She didn't look very happy.

"Let's get straight to the point, why are you ignoring me?"

This caught me off guard. No other girl I had been with was this straight forward. They'd usually skulk about until I asked what was wrong, and then I'd have to physically pull the answer out of them.

I blinked.


"What is your problem?" I could hear the slight irritation in her voice.

I didn't know if I should play dumb or just apologize.

To be honest, I don't even know what my problem is.

"Seriously Luke, you invite me across the continent and then treat me like shit. It's like you're just using me for sex."

I held back a smirk, she was so fucking hot when she was yelling at me.

I'm such a twisted fuck.

"I'm sorry I."

"No, you need to be explaining not apologizing."

She had her hands on her hips and her towel was starting to fall off.

I searched my brain for an explanation but could not find one that I was comfortable with sharing.

"I'm just hungover from the party."

She rolled her eyes at my useless excuse.

"You were fine earlier." She stated.

"Moods change."

This made her more irritated, she retired her towel but it just fell off and she sat it on the chair by her.

The angrier she got, the hotter she was.

I'm a fucking idiot when I'm drunk.

I demonstrated that by stepping towards her and leaning down to kiss her.

I immediately got slapped.

I pulled back, half surprised but kind of expecting it.

"No thanks. Not with the way you've been treating me." She said, then grabbed her towel and headed back out the door.

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