Rvb S10 E22 "Don't Say It"

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Present/Offsite Storage Facility
Once Carolina and Leo left the room, the gang decided to take a rest. Wade and Tucker were leaning against a wall, Caboose and Donut sat on the floor with Sarge and Wash standing behind them. Grif was able to find a med pack and held it against his crotch, to soothe the punishment it took. Lastly, Simmons was looking around and came across a locked door with a console, beside it.

Simmons: Wonder where this leads to?

Simmons heads over to the console and tries to open the door.

Simmons: Huh, it seems it just requires a password... Hmm.

Simmons tried typing in "password," but the screen flashes red.

Simmons: At least this place has a better password system then us. There's no way, I'm gonna figure this out! I'd need like some sort of high intelligence program to open this- wait a sec!

Simmons rushes back over to the gang, particular Wade.

Simmons: Hey Wade!

Wade: Yeah?

Simmons: Can I have, Zeta's help for a sec?

Zeta appears near Simmons.

Zeta: What for?

Simmons: There's a locked door, I can't open. I was hoping you could unlock it?

Zeta: Sure, I can help!

Wade: You need someone to come with you?

Wash steps forward.

Wash: I'll go with him, you keep on resting.

Wade: Ok then... just be safe!

Zeta: We promise!

Wash, Simmons and Zeta head back over to the door.

Wash: Is this it?

Simmons: Yeah, But it needs a password. You think you could, hack it or something, Zeta?

Zeta: I could try, but it would ages for me, to figure out the password.

Simmons: Well, shit. Got any ideas, what this guy would put?

Wash steps towards the console.

Wash: I have an idea.

Wash types in "Allison," the screen flashes green and the door slides open.

Simmons: Hey, you got it! What'd type?

Wash: Someone, he cherishes. Now, come on let's see what's in here and be on your guard, their could be more robots in here.

Simmons and Wash head inside the room, with Zeta floating behind them. They walk down a dark hallway with wires running across the walls.

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