Rvb S10 E19 "From Stumbled Beginnings"

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During the Pelican ride, he was briefed by Special Officers Lemons about his transfer. He was apparently joining the Red army, who are fighting against the "Blue Devils". In simple terms, Leo was confused as hell. He asked Lemons, questions throughout the flight about this whole thing. Most of his questions were answered with a short response or no answer at all. All he could make out was the Reds are the good guys and Blues are a bunch of terrorist or something.

They were currently heading to a place called "Danger Canyon," an Red outpost he'll continue his training at. Once they finally arrived at said place, he was giving his own quarters and a Dark Red armour, similar looking to what Special Officers Lemons had on. Leo still couldn't get over how cool the armour looked, seeing how it looked exactly like the ones those Spartan guys wear. He was sure Racheal would be jealous of him, right now and Ethan would be in awe or something close to that. He missed them, already...

But anyway, after a confusing week for Leo, trying to understand this whole "red vs blue" war. He was currently doing a training exercise with a bunch of other red guys. They were order to jog around the whole outpost five times, until we finished or our legs either give up on us. Currently, we were all doing our first lap and were running across a bridge with the Drill Leader also known as Hammer on the other side watching us.

Hammer: Time to put the hammer down, boys! Let's make the lieutenant proud.

As Leo follows behind everyone and then hears the Drill Leader yell out behind him.

Hammer: Simmons, what are you doing?!

Leo halts and turns around, seeing the Drill Leader looking at "Simmons," a guy in maroon armour not moving an inch from the bridge.

Simmons (Distance): Oh God, this is my nightmare!

Hammer: Come on, man, you can do it! Just keep moving.

Simmons (Distance): But I already stopped! If I move now, my chances of falling off and breaking every bone in my body increase dramatically!

He wasn't wrong in Leo's opinion. But he was torn between completing the exercise or helping out his fellow soldier. He just sighs, already knowing his decision. Walking back over to the bridge, Hammer takes notice of Leo.

Hammer: Leo, why aren't you following everyone else!

Leo: Thought I'd come back and try help, Sir.

Hammer: Alright, if you want help, then get Simmons over here!

Leo gives him a thumbs up and walks onto the bridge over to Simmons, before stopping in front of him.

Simmons: (Muttering) Oh god, who makes a bridge with no railings!

Leo: Uh, it's Simmons right?

Simmons: Huh- Oh, yeah that's me!

Leo: Ok, what seems to be the issue here?

Simmons: I-I just really don't want to fall off and die! Seriously, who makes a bridge this high!

Leo: Um, the construction workers? But it's gonna be fine, Simmons. As long as you don't think about how painful it'll be falling off.

Simmons: Now, I'm think more about it!

As Leo says this, another soldier in orange or perhaps yellow armour comes running onto the bridge, behind Simmons and starts gasping for breath.

Orange Guy: Hey guys... Whew! Thanks for... Thanks for waiting up.

Hammer (Distance): Grif! We are not waiting for you!

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