Rvb S10 E20 "Reckless"

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Past/Blood Gulch
Once again Leo was transferred, only this time with two other people that got him put into this situation in the first place. To think he could have avoided all this, if he just finished the training exercise. But just like their Lieutenant said, they were told to pack their things and immediately head onto a Pelican, which is taken them to a place called Blood Gulch.

Grif already disliked the name of the place, due to Leo being forced to listen to him through the entire flight. Simmons started to suggest other names for the place and now, Leo was forced to hear the both of them listen random names for this Canyon. Luckily for Leo, they finally arrived at their destination where they met their new Sargent. He was... interesting in Leo's book and he wasn't referring to his southern accent.

Immediately when they landed, he ran up to them in standard red armour, holding a shotgun and asked for our names, once the introduction were out of the way, he put us to work straight away, something about being more prepared then those blues. So, Grif was assigned to request from Command a Warthog, while him and Simmons kept watch for any blues. Still there was this nagging feeling Leo couldn't get rid of, like there was something more going on here in this simple Canyon. Leo just dismissed it as a random thought...

Random Cave
Over to Butch Flowers standing inside a cave and talking on the radio.

Flowers: Radio check... 1... 2... semblance... 1... 2... buckle my shoe. Can you read me? Vic?

Vic (Radio): Hello. Yes, hello, this is Vic transmitting from simulation outpost....

Flowers: Uh, uh. Remember, you're Vic from comaaand.

Vic (Radio): Yes. Apologies, Agent Florida, I will be sure to modify my greeting in the future. Are you nearing completion for your simulation preparation?

Flowers: Indeed, I am! You can inform the director that I've assembled both Red and Blue teams for Blood Gulch outposts 1 and Alpha. Everything is looking dandy! Let me tell you, nothing short of an Aspirin overdose will stop this plan from succeeding.

Vic (Radio): Excellent news sir. Alright then, protocol established by command now allows you to activate the Alpha. If our theories are correct, the Alpha will gain full control over the host body it assumes to be its own. Odds of memory contamination from the host mind are very slim.

Flowers: That is fantastic news!

Vic (Radio): And it says here in the Important Note Section: that you need to make sure the Alpha has no recollection of the events concerning Project Freelancer. Nothing about the other fragments, nothing about the crash. AND absolutely nothing about the Meta.

Flowers: Understood.

Vic (Radio): It also says not to put the Alpha in any immediate danger as quote: "It is unknown how sever injury or death may affect the host body-A.I. relationship."

Flowers: Ha. Huh. I wasn't planning on any of my men dying. That would just be poor leadership on my part.

Vic (Radio): That is all for the command objectives, Agent Florida. Keep in mind. Not only am I here to provide false direction for the simulation troopers, I am also programmed to assist you in monitoring and managing this operation. If you need anything else: Let me know and I will contact command.

Flowers: Will that sounds handy. Thank you, Vic!

Vic (Radio): Oh! There's one more note here. It also says to make sure you have a great day, Captain!

Flowers: Aw... That is so sweet. Now...

Flowers turns around and runs out the cave entrance, leading outside to the Canyon.

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