Rvb S10 E3 "Follow the Leader"

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Past/Foster Care
All the children were currently inside the playing room where they could play games, draw, read or other activities. Every child was having fun... except one.

There was one child that sight by the window, simply staring outside sadly. Some children saw him and asked if he'd like to play with them, but he would always say no. He always held a sorrow look and was one of the quiet boys in the Center.

This boy was called Leo, the son of Lucas and Sharon. Ever since their funeral, he hasn't felt the same, before he was happy, kind, quirky and other emotions... but now, he doesn't feel anything except sadness.

He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that his parents where dead. Thinking that maybe, this was some cruel game they were playing and they'd show up any second. But deep down... he knew they would never show up again, only adding fuel to his sorrow.

???: Excuse me, Leo?

The boy turns his head from the window and looks at one of the people that work here. It was the lady from the receptionist desk.

Leo: Yes?

Receptionist: Could you come with me, sweetie?

The receptionist holds her hand out for him, which Leo just looks at.

Leo: Why?

Receptionist: You've been adopted.

Hearing that freezes Leo's whole body. Just thinking to himself, who would even adopt him and why. He also felt... conflicted about being adopted, he doesn't want a new mum or dad, he just wants his and not someone else trying to fill that role.

Receptionist: Could you come with me now, sweetie?

Leo felt like slapping that hand away and running, but he knew the outcome wouldn't change. Sadly looking at the receptionist hand, he grabs it with her leading him to the a bedroom he's been sleeping in since he's gotten here.

Receptionist: I'll give you a moment to gather your things, just chap the door once your done.

She closes the door, leaving him inside the bedroom. Honestly, he didn't have much stuff to gather and so, he heads over under his bed to start collecting. First, where some story's he'd like to read, before bed that always helped him sleep. Secondly, where some spare clothes he had and lastly... was a photo of him, his Mum and dad.

He stares at it and brings it to his chest, hugging the photo. He places the photo in his pocket and wipes his eyes of tears, he grabs his bag from the end of the bed and starts packing his stuff up.

Once he finishes, he knocks on the door with the receptionist opening it up and then leading him through the foster care and towards the front desk area. When they go through the door, he sees the waiting room and a women with blonde hair and casual clothes standing by the front desk.

Receptionist: Alright, I've got him! But, before you take him off are hands, I just need you to fill out a form for us.

Allison takes a moment to look at Leo, before nodding at the receptionist. They both head to the front of the desk, where the receptionist hands the women a sheet. As they're doing that, Leo takes the time to think about this woman who's adopting him apparently.

By looks she seems alright, but anyone could look nice and be the exact opposite. He couldn't tell how old she is but, he wasn't going to ask, his mum told him something about never asking a woman her age. But he couldn't understand why she was even adopting him.

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