Rvb S10 E17 "Remember Me How I Was"

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Leo, Simmons and Grif are seen standing at the back of Red base, staring out at the ocean.

Grif: Hey, guys?

Leo: Yeah?

Grif: You ever wonder why we're here?

Simmons: You mean metaphysically?

Grif: No. I mean why are we going through all this trouble just to find one guy?

Leo: You mean the, Director?

Grif: Yeah, that guy.

Simmons: I don't know. He's evil... he did hurt, Leo remember?

Leo: (Sighs) Simmons...

Grif: Oh yeah, hey what aren't you jumping at the opportunity to find this guy, Leo?

Simmons: Yeah, he's the one that started all of this. You know. He's the reason we have to deal with the Freelancers, the A.I.s, and the Meta. He's hurt you as a kid and I mean when you think about it, he's the reason why we're here. Wouldn't you want to get even with him?

Leo: I...

Sarge emerges from inside the base and approaches the three, interrupting Leo.

Sarge: Yep. He's a real dirtbag all right and deserves to die. But... even if he's six feet under, we'll still be in the same damn spot.

Simmons: Uh...sir?

Sarge: All I'm saying is we made it back to base in one piece, and even found the rest of our team. So, do you boys really think running off again will make things any better?

Over by the side of red base, where Wash is seen eavesdropping on the Reds talking.

Sarge: 'Cause the way I see it, leaving this place is only going to make things worse.

Grif: Hmm. I guess you have a point Sarge.

Wash walks away.

Sarge: Shut up, Grif.

Over to another area in Valhalla, where Carolina is seen walking past some rocks.

Carolina: Church, can't this wait?

She stops and turns around, facing Church as he appears.

Church: No, it can't. Carolina, the guys are terrified of you.

Carolina: What's your point?

Church: My point is that they think you're a killer psychopath and you can't be trusted! But I know they're wrong. I know why you're doing all this. And I know you're not really crazy!

Carolina: (Sarcastically) Gee, thanks Church. You certainly know how to make a girl feel special.

Church: What I don't know is what happened between you and Tex.

Carolina: I don't want to-

Church: You mentioned her name back on the island.

Carolina: What does Tex have to do with anything?

Church: Well, a lot apparently! Because every time I bring her up you act like you're going to put your fist through something. And then, you do sometimes.

Carolina: That's ridiculous! I don't-

Church: Look, I understand you're angry. I'm angry too. The Director's a fucking dickhead and we're going to make him pay! But Tex was your friend, right?

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