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Red vs Blue (Male OC Insert) by Alpha423
Red vs Blue (Male OC Insert)by Silver_Wolf423
You were one of the first freelancers and one of the best you could never fill a mission no matter what happens you always succeed no matter who you fight you always com...
Halo Red vs Blue Left Behind (South x Reader) by RickyAdams9
Halo Red vs Blue Left Behind (Sout...by Ricky Adams
Agent Indiana (reader) is in a relationship with Agent South Dakota. They love each other so much but South's attitude towards Carolina and Texas will inevitably get one...
Red Vs Blue-Impostor (Reader Insert) by RedVsBlue23
Red Vs Blue-Impostor (Reader Inser...by RedVsBlue23
One day, in Blood Gulch, something was different. It was less... chaotic and the Reds were actually minding there own business. All was quiet. A loud engine cut through...
Red vs Blue: Heavy 'META'L by Fireslash97
Red vs Blue: Heavy 'META'Lby H3LL-SL4Y3R
After the events of Blood Gulch, Slade, AKA Agent California, rescues his friend Washington from the Meta before he was killed. Together, they reunite the Reds and Blues...
Red vs Blue Season 1 by Echofellsum
Red vs Blue Season 1by Sumnerd
This is basically RvB with mine and my brother OC in it.
Red vs Blue Oneshots  by BethyBear0527
Red vs Blue Oneshots by ItsMissAthena
Just a bunch of RvB oneshots that I do for fun. Requests will be asked for.
Red vs. Blue x reader  by SunBeam6Luv
Red vs. Blue x reader by SunBeam6Luv
*THE COVER IS NOT MY ART* yo welcome to this story.
Lopez in Remnant by Toucan2574
Lopez in Remnantby Toucan
Well I don't any of this but let's see how Lopez enjoys his adventure
Red VS Blue Freelancers X Reader by Arrow_Unknown
Red VS Blue Freelancers X Readerby Menaces_to_Soociety
Project Freelancer was supposed to be my last stop for the year but the Director thought differently. He read my brothers and I's files and offered us a spot on the Free...
RvBvRWBY: A Soldier's Debt by ParkertheAceMan42
RvBvRWBY: A Soldier's Debtby Ac3 Productions
The Reds and Blues are now regarded as heroes by the intergalactic community. But personal loss and too many adventures force the Blood Gulch crew into self-imposed exil...
Red Vs Blue: BloodGulch Chronicles[Discontinued For Now](Malereader insert) by AxeTheRat04
Red Vs Blue: BloodGulch Chronicles...by AxeTheRat04
You're a part of red team, and you'll be around for the adventures the two teams have.
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Halo Fanfic) by ClassicSix
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Ha...by Six
After ensuring the escape of the Autumn, Noble Six fights to survive on a Covenant infested planet where he believes is his final mission. But, ONI believes he is to val...
jaune rvb by JusticeWentworth
jaune rvbby Justice Wentworth
jaune arc betrayed and abandoned now becomes agent washington who is now helping the rvb with adventures
Red vs Blue Short Stories/OneShots by ItsLavender
Red vs Blue Short Stories/OneShotsby ItsLavender
Yet again, I decided to make a book for the this amazing show. If you haven't watched it, you totally should. Otherwise, enjoy!
Freelancer Wade: a Rwby and RVB crossover (Discontinued) by DeadMC55
Freelancer Wade: a Rwby and RVB cr...by Handsome Dead
What would happen if Wade from the Rwby story teleported to RVB?
Reds and Blues in Marvel by ollieboy27
Reds and Blues in Marvelby
The Reds, Blues, Carolina, Washington, Doc/O'Malley and Dr. Grey end up in the marvely universe. *sigh*, just read the- Caboose: Hello! C-Caboose!?! How'd you get in her...
The Spartan Freelancer  by SpartanII25
The Spartan Freelancer by Spartan II commando
This is a story about the Freelancer project in the rvb that was part of many dark deeds. Only some people were suspected about the project. So the UNSC chain of command...
The New Agent by shyspeck
The New Agentby Shyspeck
My line of work was shady. People hire me, I'd steal the stuff they need. It was all about supply and demand, I guess. I got caught on the job one day and was "offe...
Halo RvB: Agent Idaho by Ramboforever12
Halo RvB: Agent Idahoby The Nøkk
Sgt, Jaxson Kimble was born on Chorus, where he was raised and later enlisted in the UNSC, where he fought on Reach. A year later he was recruited by Project Freelancer...
Caboose- the one man tank version 2 (On Hold) by White_Tiger_1987
Caboose- the one man tank version...by zubu smither
Caboose is transported to the world of Girls und Panzer. I don't own Girls und Panzer or Red vs Blue all rights reserved. This is my second take so if you were reading t...