Rvb S10 E12 "Out of Mind"

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Present/Abandoned Fortress
Carolina is seen staring at a blast mark in the corner on top of the old fortress.

Carolina: I'm sorry, York. Sorry I didn't listen. I just...I don't understand. Why her? Why Tex?

Church appears on Carolina's Mongoose, which is not far behind her.

Church: Tex?

Carolina turns around and notices Church.

Carolina: You.

Church: Ah, shit.

Carolina walks over to Church.

Carolina: Let me guess, just... wanted some information.

Church: Carolina I don't-

Carolina: You don't have a clue, do you? You and your friends just think I'm some blood-thirsty merc with a bad attitude. But you know what?

Carolina crouches down to Church's level.

Carolina: You're wrong. I'm much worse.

Church: Look, you go and round up everyone I know just to bring me back, and then you keep us all in the dark? I even heard about how you broke your own brothers nose! What the hell did you think was going to happen, Carolina? Of course no one trusts you!

Carolina: Well I don't trust them, Church. I don't trust anyone anymore.

Church: Oh, why not? Because having friends would ruin the whole "psychotic loner bitch" thing you got going on? 'Cause that would be a real shame.

Carolina: It's because I had a team once. A team with the best training, the best equipment, and despite everything that they had that made them the best, they still lied, and stole, and tore each other to pieces! So you tell me: How the hell am I supposed to trust a rag-tag team of idiots when I couldn't even trust the people that were close to me?!

Church looks away for a brief moment and then vanishes.

Carolina: That's what I thought.

Inside one of the temples in the desert, Grif is seen sitting against a wall with Leo standing beside him, leaning on the wall.

Grif: I never thought I'd say this, but I can't sleep.

Leo: Yes, we know. Maybe, if you didn't eat so, much you'd might be asleep now.

Simmons comes walking up to the pair.

Simmons: Yeah, you've been shoveling food into your mouth for an hour!

Tucker runs up to Grif.

Tucker: Yeah, what's up with that?

Grif: It's a nervous habit, okay?

Tucker: No; where the fuck does someone find potato chips in the middle of the desert?!

Leo: Yeah! You told us, you couldn't find any food here.

Grif: I, uh it's a pretty funny story-

Sarge: Ah, quit your complaining.

Everyone looks over at Sarge who's just showed up.

Sarge: Carolina is probably miles away by now. The only thing we've got to worry about are sand fleas... and that other highly trained operative on patrol outside.

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