Rvb S10 E9 "Difficult Feelings"

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Past/Church Household
It was currently raining outside of the Church Household, which stood under the night sky. Leo doesn't know how much more of this abuse he can take. It's been a few years since Allison died... and it's been utter hell for Leo, everyday now he gains a new scar or bruise against his will, no matter how much he pleads.

So, far Leo has felt like this families outlet of frustration, his father using him as a punching bag, while his Sis watches from the sidelines. Leo was currently in his room, doing his homework in his desk that was supposed to be handed two days ago. But... now, these days it's difficult to get his work done, when his father was drunk. He's even had to wear long sleeved shirts just to hide the bruises on his arms when going to school.

He didn't want people to worry about him. Leo couldn't help, but think back to when this all started. Allison was the centre of the bridge, holding this family together... but then that bridge collapsed. And because of that bridge collapsing it was apparently Leo's fault and to this day, he still tries to understand why it's his fault to begin with.

Leonard (Distance): LEO!! GET DOWN HERE!!

Leo knows the tone of that voice... his father was drunk again. His body shakes in fear as he tries to continue doing his work. Thinking that if he just ignored him, he'd leave him alone. Unfortunately for Leo he hears his father barge into his room, staring at him with flames in his eyes.

Leonard: When I tell you to come down! YOU COME DOWN!!

Leo: (Sighs) I'm just trying to do my homework.

Leonard: I don't give a shit about your homework!

His father walks up to Leo and grips him tightly on his shoulder and tosses him off his chair, onto the floor with a thud. Leo clutches his shoulder in pain as his father stands over him.

Leonard: It's YOUR FAULT that my wife is dead!! If you had never, in courage her to fight for what she thought was right, she could be standing here right now!!

He then pulls his leg back, before sending it straight into Leo's left side. He cries out in pain, while clutching his side, shaking in fear.

Leo: (Crying) ...It ...wasn't my ...fault.

Leonard: I don't know, why we even ADOPTED YOU!!

He yells with fury, before punching Leo in the stomach, causing him to go in a coughing fit.

Leo: (Crying) I'm... sorry.

Leonard: (Growls) ....Sorry, doesn't bring her back.

He looks down at Leo with no trace of sympathy in his eyes. He walks out of Leo's room, not even bothering to close his door. Leo just laid on the ground and curls up into a ball in hope of easing the pain. He opens his eyes and sees his Sister watching him behind his door, who was staring at him with disgust, until she walked away.

Leo couldn't stand it anymore... the pain, the suffering and the sadness ripping him apart. He slowly tries to get up, even though he was still quivering in pain. He makes his way to his wardrobe and grabs some warm outdoor clothes and puts them on. Next he grabs a bag from under his bed and fills it up with things he might need... lastly he goes over to his drawer, which held a photo of his real Mum and Dad. Pocketing it, he slings his bag over his shoulders and heads over to his window.

He stares out to the dark night, filled with rain falling from the sky. Opening the window, he instantly begins to shiver, feeling the cold breeze against his face. He looks down out his window and see's it's quite a drop to get down, mentally preparing himself, he climbs out the window and takes a deep breath, before jumping. He lands on the grass with a heavy thud and falls onto his hands and knees.

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