Rvb S10 E14 "New and Improved"

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Past/Boot Camp
After an exhausting time of running all 50 of those laps, leaving Leo's legs aching with pain. Luckily though, he wasn't one of the few people that came last, allowing him to have some dinner at least.

Leo was currently in the barracks, washing himself in the shower area to rid the stench he reeked. Once he finished up, he dried himself off and got changed back into his uniform, making his way outside. He didn't even realise that the day has already turned to dusk.

Over the area where he ran those dreaded laps, he could see his fellow trainees making their way into the mess hall. He didn't need his stomach to tell him, what time it was. Leo makes his way over towards the mess hall and made his way inside. Already, he could see that the place was stacked with people, eating their meals and chatting with others.

Leo: (Mutters) Sure are a lot of folks here.

He quietly says to himself as he heads over to where most people are lining up to be served. Grabbing himself a tray, Leo makes his way to the back of the line and queues up behind some bald guy. Leo patiently waited, until he heard the guy in front of him snickering as familiar blond guy turning around to face him, with an annoyed look.

Ethan: You don't have to keep shoving, every time this line moves, man.

Guy: Well maybe, if you moved up faster, I wouldn't have to shove yeah.

Ethan: What do you mean "move faster," this line moves about an inch!

Guy: And yet you take so, long!

Ethan: I wouldn't take so, long if you don't immediately shove me!

The two of them kept on back chatting to each other, much to Leo's annoyance. Trying to drown their bickering out, Leo switches his attention to what's being served. Further up the line, he sees a man scooping up some beef pasta from a pot. Leo was more on the vegetarian side, but to his disappointment it seems that's the only food being served tonight.

After waiting in the line for awhile, Leo finally got to the front. The man held a bored expression and lazily served Leo his meal. Saying "thanks," he walked off in search of a table. Personally, Leo was hoping he could find an empty table to sit at. He just doesn't feel like interacting with anyone and wanted to be left alone... thinking it's best that way.

Luck seemed to be on his side as he found an empty table at the back of the room. Setting his tray down and taken a seat, Leo begins to satisfy his stomach.

???: So, are you hogging this table all for yourself?

Leo jolts at the sudden voice addressed at him, he looks up and see it's that same blonde guy from earlier in the line.

Leo: Uh no, it's just that-

The blonde guy, Ethan just starts to laugh.

Ethan: I'm just messing with you, man.

Ethan places his tray down on the table and sits opposite to Leo.

Ethan: Names Ethan.

He held his hand out to Leo, who hesitates for a moment, before shaking his hand.

Leo: Leo... Leo Church.

Ethan: It's good to meet you, Leo.

They both let go of each other's hand and head back to their meals.

Ethan: So, what's your story?

Leo raises an eyebrow at him.

Leo: Why do you ask?

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