Rvb S10 E10 "Raining Tears"

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Wash and Carolina are seen running across the desert, until Wash stops.

Wash: Here. I have no idea how she got here.

Carolina walks up, behind him.

Carolina: That's because she didn't.

Wash: Is that who I think it is? If what you're saying is true, how could this have happened?

They both stare deeply at C.T's helmet on the ground, which is covered by some sand.

As the rain showered down on the town, Leo is seen walking on the sidewalk, holding himself and shivering. He was scared, tired, hunger and cold, already regretting leaving during a rain storm. He could feel the rain fall against his hood and began having second thoughts if this was really the best idea.

But the memories that drove him to this decision, the scars, the bruises on his body that forced him down this path, quickly makes him shake his head of those thoughts of doubt. But worst of all... he had nowhere to go. He had no other relative to his knowledge he could go to and couldn't go to stay at a friends house. Leo's body tenses as a cold gust of wind blows against him.

Leo: (Shivering) Why didn't I just wait, till morning?

He looks around and sees that most of the stores in town are still open. He could only imagine how warm it is inside them. Maybe, he could head inside one of them and ask if he could spend the night there? No... they'd probably tell he's running away and immediately call the cops, they might even drag him back to that hell hole he ran from and he didn't want that at all!

As he made his way further down town, he spotted a side walk underpass, below a bridge. Picking up his pace, Leo quickly makes his way over to it and hurries out of the rain. Relief washes over his face as he's longer being drenched, making his way further into the underpass, Leo heads over to the wall and takes a seat against it.

He wasn't freezing to death anymore, but he wasn't exactly warm either. But at least he's got one problem sorted, but now he just needed to solve his other ones. Suddenly, his stomach growls, making Leo reach into his bag to grab a snack he had in his room. While he munches on it, he begins to brain storm ideas.

He could possibly try finding a job to work at, though he doesn't know if they would take a runaway boy. Besides if he got a job here, there's a slight chance he could encounter his father. So, he needed to get somewhere far away from here, somewhere 'he' couldn't find him... but where?

Like he said he couldn't go to a friends house, the school he goes to or bunker down in a store. At this point, Leo had no faith he'd be safe from the pain that haunts him. Leo's eyes spring open as he hears footsteps coming near him from his left. Turning his head he sees a old man wearing a beanie, coat and grey trousers. His clothes we're all dirty, assuming he might be homeless. Lost in thought, Leo doesn't realise the man is just a few feet away from him.

Stranger: It's a bit late to be out, don't you think? Shouldn't you be home, kid?

Leo gives the man a nervous look.

Leo: I... can't go back home.

The man raises an eyebrow at him.

Stranger: Can't go home? That's something I haven't heard, before.

The man takes a seat next to Leo with a grunt. At first it's just awkward silences, while Leo can hear the man calmly breathing beside him.

Stranger: Is they're a reason you can't go home?

Leo looks at him with a strange look.

Leo: Why do you want to know?

Stranger: I don't know really, but you seem like you want someone to listen to you.

Leo face flashes with surprise, before he looks away, hiding a tear slipping through his eye.

Leo: I... ran away.

Stranger: Surely, there's more to that?

Leo: I ran away because... I was being h-hurt by my Dad.

There's a moment of silence between them.

Stranger: Abusive Dad... that's gotta suck. Reminds me of my Dad, he's the reason I live out here now. Haven't been able to get over, what he's done to me sense.

Leo looks at him with a shock look. He then pulls his legs up to his chest and wraps his arms around his knees, looking down.

Leo: I just don't know what to do.

The stranger breaths in deeply, before speaking.

Stranger: I understand that things may seem hopeless for you. Like there's nothing you can do, other than rot on the street... but you shouldn't let that stop you from living the life you want.

Leo lifts his head at him.

Stranger: I've already lived my life, but you... you can still live yours and decide what you want to do in life.

Leo starts pondering this.

Stranger: What I'm trying to say kid is... don't waste your life like me. Because you've only got one life to live.

With that, the stranger gets up with a grunt and starts walking off, leaving Leo to think on his words. Live the life, he wants? The only thing he's ever wanted to do was be like his Mum Allison. Suddenly, Leo's eyes flash with realisation as he figures out what he wants to do.

He gets off the ground and picks his bag up, before sprinting out of the underpass. Luckily for him, the rain isn't as intense as before, allowing him an easy time to get through the rain with no trouble. He headed back into town, knowing exactly where he was going... sort of, it was a bit difficult for him to tell what direction he's going on the rain.

But as Leo continues to walk through the town looking at street signs, in order to make sure he's heading in the right direction. His eyes finally land on the place he's been looking for and rushes over to it. Crossing the street, he arrives at his destination... an UNSC recruitment building.

To Wash and Carolina, who are still looking at C.T's helmet on the ground.

Wash: So, that's what happened to her armor.

Carolina: Apparently. We never did complete our objective.

Wash: But why come out here? What's the motivation?

Carolina's reaches down towards the helmet and picks up a data pad.

Carolina: I have a feeling this'll tell us.

The End

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