Rvb S10 E2 "Keeping a Promise"

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Past/Church Household
It's been few days since the funeral and during that time, Allison has been writing adoption paperworks. These paperworks are the adoption forms for the boy at the funeral. While, she wrote the paperwork she couldn't stop thinking of what that poor boy is going through. No child at such a young age should see their parents dead... she couldn't even imagine how her own child would handle it, if anything where to happen to her.

After days of filling forms, she finally finished the paperwork and had it all neatly stapled together. Now, was the part she was dreading... for the past days, while she's been writing these forms, she's not once mentioned it to her husband. Why? Simply because she knows how much he's going to be against this.

Her husband Leonard, didn't really like Lucas and Sharon, always saying there was something off with them. But she didn't care about what he said and what he's going to say. Because either he likes it or not... she's going to adopt that boy.

She makes her way downstairs and see's Leonard in the living room, sitting on the couch and watching the news on the television. She makes her way over to him and grabs the remote, turning the TV off.

When the TV flashes off, he sighs and faces his wife. When she looks at him, she can get a clear look of his short black hair and recently shaved beard. He looked at her with those bright green eyes of his, looking at her in annoyance.

Leonard: Do you seriously have to do that all the time?

Allison: (Sarcastically) I'm sorry, where you watching that?

Leonard: (Frowns) I don't appreciate the sarcasm.

Allison rolls her eyes, before standing in front of the television.

Allison: Leonard, we need to talk.

Leonard: Talk about what?

As soon as he said that, she pulls out the adoption paperworks and places it onto the coffee table and sliding towards him.

Leonard: What is this?

Allison: Just read it.

He looks at her and the paperworks confused, before picking it up and starts to read it over. As his eyes move across the paperworks, he goes from confusion to shock. He places the paperworks back onto the coffee table and takes off his glasses, rubbing his forehead.

Leonard: Do I even want to ask, why you want to adopt this boy?

Allison: (Annoyed) Well, 'this boy' is the child of my friends who're dead. The funeral you didn't attend with me because apparently 'work' suddenly, came up for you.

He stands up from the couch, turning to her.

Leonard: I told I'm sorry about that, but you know how important my work, now these days.

Allison just crosses her arms at this.

Allison: More important then attending a funeral.

Leonard sighs, knowing he can't get out of this.

Leonard: Let's just move on from that and go back to the topic of this boy. Why can't any relative of his, just take him instead?

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