Rvb S10 E4 "New Family"

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Present/Wind Power Facility
The Reds and Blues are seen driving in Warthogs, while Leo, Wade Carolina ride alongside on Mongooses. The Reds stop and get out, causing everyone else to do the same.

Carolina: What's going on? Why are we stopping?

Leo: We've been driving for hours, Li-

Carolina: Say it and you'll be running the rest of the way.

Leo: (Sighs) Fine, we've been driving for hours, Carolina.

Carolina: Better and we've got a lot more ground to cover, so let's keep moving.

Grif: Listen lady, I know this is your first road trip with us, but we've got a system. And that system includes snack breaks, bathroom breaks, and stopping to take pictures of funny road signs.

Carolina: That's ridiculous.

Grif: Not as ridiculous as Bonner Street.

Simmons: So close dude, so close.

Grif: It's out there Simmons, we just have to have faith that we'll find it.

Leo: You guys have been searching for years, now! How do you guys even know it exist!?

Grif: We're telling you man, it's out there! The only reason we haven't found it, is because your not putting any faith into the search!

Leo throws his arms up in defeat.

Leo: I give up with you!

Over by the blues, who are just watching them.

Wash: I should probably go stop her from killing your friends.

Wash proceeds to head in Carolina's direction

Caboose: Um Tucker, Wade, I just noticed something. Something really bad.

Tucker: Yeah, me too dude. I think our guy-to-girl ratio peaked like five years ago.

Caboose: Uh, no, no, Tucker um. Yeah, we forgot to bring Church.

Wade: Wait Caboose, did you just now realize that Church isn't here?

Caboose: He's not going to be pleased about this one.

Wade: Caboose there's nothing to worry about, we didn't leave him behind.

Caboose: Ah, yes, but you see I'm not seeing him so... where is he?

Zeta (Appears): Somewhere I wouldn't even want to be.

Church appears in a smaller form like Zeta, beside Tucker's helmet.

Church: Ugh, your right about that.

Caboose: Church! You're... you're so small. I would like to feed you a small cracker.

Tucker: (Sarcastically) How you liking the new place tinker bell?

Church: You mean your disgusting storage unit?

Tucker: What! How is my storage unit "disgusting"?

Church: Well, for starters, I had to delete fifty gigs worth of crap just so I could fit in this thing.

Tucker: Woah, hang on a second dude. You didn't delete my, uh, "Home Movies" folder did you?

Church: And that brings me to my second point.

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