Rvb S10 E13 "Home Sweet Home"

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Carolina, along with the Red and Blues, drive up beside blue base and park. Wash walks up to Carolina as she hops off her Mongoose.

Wash: Pelican's over there. That's where Tex ended up.

Carolina: You mean her body ended up there.

Wash: Right.

Carolina: Show me.

Carolina and Wash leave for the crash site, until Simmons runs up from behind one of the Warthogs.

Simmons: Wait! What about the military? This could all be a trap remember?

Carolina: What are you talking about?

Sarge: Wash told us we were fugitives of the law. Bandits. Cast out by society with no hope of redemption!

Simmons: Yeah, and that the UNSC would be waiting for us when we got back to base!

Leo: And we just came back here?

Carolina turns to Wash.

Wash: It was a possibility.

Carolina: So, let me get this straight...

Over to Wade, Zeta, Caboose and Tucker who calls Church over to them.

Tucker: Psst! Hey Church! Over here!

Church appears in front of the four of them.

Church: Yeah, hey. Can't talk too long. My connection with Carolina's memory unit's not so good. What's up?

Tucker: Ah, not much, my first time here so, I'm just taking it all in. Really enjoying the scenery. What about you?

Church: Well, I mean, yeah, you know, now that you mention it the trees are kinda nice. Especially in comparison with the desolate environment of the sand and the- wait, wait, wait, wait, is that it?!

Tucker: No, that's not it! What the fuck are you doing with Carolina?

Wade: Yeah, since when were you installed in her armour?

Church: Hey, calm down guys! Turns out she's more complicated than we thought.

Zeta: What do you mean by 'complicated'?

Caboose: Like Monopoly! Or like the board game.

Wade: Ugh, I hate Monopoly! I also seem to have pay everyone in that bloody game!

Tucker: Church, just because you want to get close to someone doesn't mean that you have to end up inside them!

They all fall silence.

Zeta: Uh, aren't you going to say it?

Tucker: No, because I'm pissed off at him!

Tucker points at Church.

Church: Alright, alright, look guys. I'm still on your side, okay? But if Carolina is hiding something, I'm going to have to stay close to her in order to find it. See? Proximity is the key.

Wade: Wasn't it, memory was the key?

Caboose: Yeah, and the sword. Sword is the key too!

Tucker: Caboose, shut up!

Church: Hey, I gotta go. We'll talk later.

Church vanishes.

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