Rvb S10 E16 "Opening Up"

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Grif comes walking out of Red Base, only to find Carolina standing by the exit.

Carolina: Hey, you. Orange one. Where's the rest of your team?

Grif: How should I know?

Carolina: You don't report in to each other?

Grif: Oh yeah. I mean, I get reports.

Carolina: You might be the worst soldiers, I've ever met.

Grif: Hey! I take offense at that! What do you mean, 'might be?'

Leo, Simmons and Sarge come walking up the river towards them.

Carolina: Here they come. Let's move out.

She turns and leaves.

Grif: Hey, guys! Did you find Lopez?

Simmons: Yeah. Donut nailed him into a board. He's staying here.

Grif: I thought Donut was dead.

Leo: He's actually been alive this whole time and not dead!

Sarge: Yeah, we really need to stop saying that.

Simmons: He almost was. But Doc fixed him up, and now they live together. They say hi, by the way. Oh, and they baked us this banana bread.

Leo holds out a plate holding a loaf of banana bread, with a card reading, "Hope you like nuts! -Donut & Doc."

Leo: They don't taste half bad.

Grif: How nice! I'm gonna have to forget to send them a thank-you card. Hey, Simmons, when you said Donut nailed Lopez to a board...

Leo: He means with nails, Grif.

Grif: Okay, had to ask.

Simmons: No, no, I understand. I-I should have been clearer. It's my fault.

Over to Wade, Tucker and Caboose approaching Carolina who's standing by a warthog.

Wade: Hey so, what's going on? We're leaving already?

Carolina turns to Wade. Wash is seen walking towards the other Warthog in the background.

Carolina: That's right. You got a problem with that?

Church appears next to Carolina.

Church: Uh, hey, Carolina, why don't you let me handle this?

Church leads the blues away over near the river.

Church: Wade, what do you want?

Wade: We just wanna know what you found out about, Carolina!

Tucker: Yeah, is she evil? Is she crazy? Is she crazy-evil?

Caboose: Is she pretty?

Tucker: Oh, yeah, is she hot? Ohohoh or is he a dude?

Church: Guys! I've got more important things to do right now.

Tucker: What are you talking about?! You're supposed to be spying on her! She's the enemy, remember?! Us against them!

Church: Hey, you don't know anything about her, Tucker! You have no idea what's she's been through!

Tucker: Since when did-

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