Rvb S10 E7 "Oversight"

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Wind Power Facility
Washington comes walking onto a beach nearby the Facility and sees Carolina kneeling down by the water and starts walking towards her.

Wash: The facility is clear.

Carolina: Find anything?

Wash: Nothing we didn't already know.

Carolina stands up and faces Wash.

Carolina: Figured as much. This place was a dead end.

Wash: Sorry, boss.

Carolina: The structure we're going to next, you're positive our target was there?

Wash: I know what I saw, that's why it's on our list.

Carolina: But I know what I saw, and it doesn't make any sense.

Wash: All the more reason to investigate.

Carolina: Alright then. Let's go. Let's go find C.T.

Past/Church House
Leo and Lina are both sitting on the bottom of the stairs, watching their mother finishing packing her bag. She was wearing a UNSC uniform with a cap and pulled her bag over her shoulder.

The reason she's wearing this was because she was going off to war. It's hard to hear that she would be sent off fighting, but she'd keep reassuring us that she would be fine. For the past couple days we've been spending as much time with her as possible, to cherish the precious moments we have left with her.

Allison: How do I look?

Leo: (Smiles) Awesome.

Lina stands up from the stairs and heads over to her Mum, wrapping her arms tightly around her.

Lina: Do you have to go? Can't you just stay here with us?

Allison brushes Lina red hair softly.

Allison: (Sighs sadly) I'm sorry sweetheart, but I have to go. Promise, you'll be strong for me, while I'm gone, alright?

She gestures for Leo to come over and once he's their, he gets wrapped in a group hug along with his Sister. Allison plants a kiss on each of their heads, while holding them tightly.

Allison: I love both of you's so, much and don't you two ever forget that.

She ruffles both of their hairs, earning a smile from them.

Leo/Lina: Love you, Mum.

With a satisfied smile on her face, she let's us go and stands up, heading towards the front door. As she's about to open the door, she gives us one last look.

Allison: I'll see you later you two, got it?

Lina: See you later... Mum.

As Lina looks at her with tears threatening to escape, Leo takes a step forward and looks up at her.

Leo: Mum?

Allison: Yes?

He quickly wraps her in a hug, burying his face into her stomach.

Leo: Promise you'll come back.

Allison smiles at him and returns the hug.

Allison: I promise, kiddo.

With that she exits out the door, leaving Leo and Lina by themselves. Leo looks over to Lina, who's looking at the door with worry. Leo puts his hand on her shoulder, grabbing her attention.

Leo: She'll be fine, Lina. Knowing Mum, she's going to kick some ass and come back home safe and sound.

Lina just glares him, before shaking his hand off her and heading up the stairs.

Lina: How can you be so, sure?

On that note she leaves, leaving Leo all by himself. He did his best to comfort her, but it seems to have done the exact opposite to his displeasure. He let's out a sigh and heads up stairs and suddenly realises, that he hasn't seen his father anywhere since this morning. Leo makes his way into his bedroom and decides to head over to his window.

Peering outside, he see's his Mum by the front door of the house and a car waiting on the street. He also finally see's his father, waiting outside as well, holding up a camera at Mum as she's walking towards him. Leo opens his window slightly and can briefly hear the conversation outside.

Allison (Distance): Leonard, stop it, put that thing down. Your gonna make me late.

She goes to lower the camera down, but he's persistent on keeping it recording on her.

Allison (Distance): They're waiting for me.

She says, while gesturing to the car waiting on the street.

As she walks pass him, he grabs ahold of her hand. By the looks of it, he might be trying a last ditch effort to convince Mum to stay, but with a war happening she's not the type to let others fight, while does nothing.

Leo see's them embrace each other in a hug and briefly kiss, before his father let's her go and allowing her to head to the car waiting for her. As she packs her stuff in the trunk and hop in the passenger seat, Leo and Dad watch the car drive off.

Leo looks down sadly and goes to close his window, still seeing his Dad outside watching where Allison left. It was hard to watch her go, but he knew she was leaving to protect us and many others from the war. He doesn't know how long it'll be, until she comes back home, but he'll be waiting for her... because she promised him she'll come back.

Present/Wind Power Facility
Over to the blues, standing beside some palm trees.

Tucker: So, Church how do you even know this Carolina chick?

Church: Oh, Tex used to tell me stories.

Wade: Don't you mean, she told the Alpha stories?

Church: Oh yeah... I guess. You know, whatever! It's hard for me to know who's memory, I'm in.

Zeta: Sucks to be based of memory, huh?

Church: It's not like I got to choose and besides, aren't you supposed to be compassionate?

Zeta: Only to those that deserve it, like Wade here for example.

Tucker: You know Zeta, I think your more 'compassionate' to Wade than to the rest of us.

Zeta: I-I have no clue what your talking about!

Zeta looks away from everyone, while Wade stares at Tucker in confusion.

Wade: Where you getting at Tucker?

Tucker: Oh, come on dude! Even I can see it, Zeta obviously has the hots for-

Zeta appears in front of Tucker's visor and gives him a death glare which has "Say it and your dead," written all over it. He nervously takes a step back from her.

Zeta: ANYWAY! What were you saying Church!?

She points at Church who looks puzzled as everyone else.

Church: Uh, something about how it's hard for me tell, who's person memory I'm in?

Caboose: Oh yeah, same thing happens to me with things that I'm in. Like my helmet. That's why I wrote my name on the inside of it. I used my tongue. That was hard to do. Now I can't pronounce my *GRAGGH*

Tucker: So... how many... people are you?

Church: I don't know, a bunch I guess.

Tucker: Are they all assholes?

Church: (Sarcastically) Yeah, a dozen different fragments and we have the same shitty circle of friends. Lucky us.

The End

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