Rvb S10 E15 "Familiar Things"

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Past/Boot Camp
It was a cloudy afternoon over the Boot Camp, everyone had done their morning drills and where currently having a break. Leo, Ethan and Racheal where inside the barracks playing "Go Fish". It's been a couple months since Leo first met Ethan and Racheal. Ever since than, they've stuck close together like three peas in a pod.

Though Leo still feels slightly uncomfortable being around them, it's not that he doesn't like them. But he hasn't really had any friends since, Allison died. While the three continued playing their game, Racheal looks at the Barracks exit and her eyes widen.

Racheal: Shit! Here comes the Sargent!

Leo: Already!?

Ethan: Aw crap! Hide the cards!

The three of them quickly dispose the cards, in case the Sargent saw them. Why were they afraid of him finding out? Last time he caught them, he made them each eat a card... a nasty experience Leo remembers. Everyone falls silent, when they see Sargent Alan walking into the barracks.

Sargent Alan: LINE UP!!

Each person scrambles around, getting out of bunks and lining up down the hallway as the Sargent watches. Ethan, Racheal and Leo line up next to each other. Once everyone stood still and straight, the Sargent slowly began walking down the middle between all the trainees.

Sargent Alan: Alright ladies! Today we've got a special training planned for you all! Some UNSC scientists were kind of enough to transfer some experimental weaponry, for us to test today!

Everyone has a range of surprised and excited looks.

Sargent Alan: I want everyone outside and lined up in front of the shooting range, where I'll explain more. UNDERSTOOD!

Everyone: YES SIR!

We all head outside and make are way towards the shooting range. Once there, we all line up in rows as the Sargent makes his way to the front. As he's walking, Leo gets a glimpse of some strange looking weapons on a stand-up rack.

Racheal: (Whispers) Those are some dangerous looking guns.

Leo turns and see's Racheal looking at them too. The Sargent heads over to the racket and picks up one of the guns, showing it to everyone.

Sargent Alan: Now, over here we have what known as the ARC-920 or the 'Railgun.' Recently some scientists have been making a breakthrough with this here equipment. These are a compact-channel linear accelerator weapons, which quite heavy and take M645 explosive bullets. In other words, you don't want to be shot with this bad boy.

The Sargent gestures over towards the rack of Railguns.

Sargent Alan: Now, who would like to go first!

A random hand shoots up from the row of trainees.

???: I believe I do, Sir!

A male voice called out.

Sargent Alan: Then get over here!

The trainee walks out from the group, giving Leo a clear look at his face, he barely had any hear on his head and had green eyes. Leo recognises the guy as Riley, he's the asshole that constantly picks on Ethan since the first day.

He made his way to the front to the Sargent, with each step oozing with Confidence. Once in front of the Sargent, who roughly shoves the weapon known as the Railgun in Riley's chest. Sargent Alan gestures Riley over to the shooting range.

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